Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brief Update on my Motivation

Even though I am not dieting at the moment, I still like to check my weight on the scale. I do so probably about once a week. I remember back in September, or even October, running into people at work or elsewhere and they would tell me I look great! Have I lost weight? I would then tell them about all the running I had done and the amount of weight I had lost.

Fast forward through football tailgate season, Thanksgiving, and now into December.... I do not hear it at all anymore. Was it a motivation factor to have people tell me how great I look? Yes! It is now a little depressing to step on the scale after working so hard for so many months earlier this year to be back about where I was at when I decided a life change was needed.

I am feeling the will power and the motivation kicking in and I am going to get back down to where I was at and more. My goal this time is to break 200 lbs. That was my goal last time, but I never did make it. I got down to 203, but never broke what I was shooting for.

I think it is true that this has to be a life change and not just simply a diet. I think earlier this year when I did it, I did make it a life change. I used MyFitnessPal to track my food, exercise, and weight. I will be doing so again in January. I also plan to cut out beer, wine, etc., completely for at least the first month. After a month, I will only reward myself occasionally and not in excess. Having a beer or a glass of wine should be a reward and not the norm for hard work and losing weight.

Some might wonder why I am making January 2 my start date instead of Jan 1. Well, I know there is food and drink I will be enjoying on January 1, so I set the second as my official go live date for my life style change to kick in. I am really looking forward to it and it is everything I can do to NOT start it today.

I plan to involve weights more into my routine too along with good eating and of course jogging. I will also be looking for 5K opportunities as that gives me something to train for and compete in which helps to motivate me... Plus, I enjoy running in the 5K events.

Well, I wanted to get a few thoughts down on this Saturday morning as I was thinking about them while getting ready this morning. A hing of depression at how much weight I have gained back, but I know I opened that up by saying I would eat/drink whatever I wanted the past few months. Now, it is time to turn that around and get back into shape!

OK, so my "brief update" turned into a bit longer of a post....

Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Lifestyle Changes in January

The last time I ran was back in September. The last time I cared what I ate was back in September. The last time I ran in a 5K was back in September. I had almost made it to my goal weight of being below 200 lbs. I was so close! At my lowest weigh-in, I was at 203. I could not lose those last three pounds and get under the 200 mark.

Well, fast forward to December with a half-dozen tailgate football games, parties, and various other events where I drank what I wanted to drink and ate what I wanted to eat. I have gained back about half of what I had lost. I am back to the 215-220 range.

I decided that instead of trying to get back on the running regiment prior to, or even after, Thanksgiving to Christmas, that I would simply wait until after January 1. I have set a start date of going back to the lifestyle I enjoyed which included running, eating right, and feeling so good about myself for January 1. Really, it will be January 2. Until then, I do not feel bad about eating what I want or drinking what I want.

I can tell from the new clothes that I have purchased during the past six months that I have gained a lot of weight back. New shirts that I had are fitting tighter and I am winded chasing our new puppy around the house.

Starting January 2, I will be hitting my new lifestyle change hard. Cut out liquor, start the Couch to 5K, and eating right. I am looking forward to it. What will help me further will be to have a target date set for my first 5K of 2012. I plan to have other 5K races set as well as that helps me to have something to focus on and to train for instead of simply running for the feel of it.

I intend to post a update of my progress each week and how the running is going. I believe this will help me with my progress as well. So, watch for new updates starting in January. I will include a start picture and something to aim for through the summer.

Until then, I will talk to you later. If you feel like posting some motivation, I am certainly open to it as I have struggled to get back into the swing of my diet, er, life style, since September. With drive and motivation, I will get back to that swag and feeling of looking good.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year until I post again....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grilling and other Ramblings.... Long time Since Last Post

Well, it has been a long long time since I have posted. I had great intentions starting the grilling season. It did not turn out the way I had intended in regard to grilling. So, finally, one single steak grilled to perfection along with a simple salad and a beer. Good night of watching a movie and eating dinner. Hung out with our new puppy Oliver and missed our Carrie. Oliver and I needed some guy time though.

I had to go back and look when the last time was that I posted anything on here... It was clear back in June. Wow! That is horrible! Believe it or not, I have done a lot of grilling since June. Last weekend probably being the most cooking brats, wings, and then steaks the next night. Cooked for about 25 - 30 people. It was a blast!

Another excellent steak meal we had was back in late June when we were in New Mexico. Ah, it was so good! We ate outside and everything was cook perfectly! It went well with the wine we were having too. We love it out there, so it is always a good time.

We grilled a few times while we were in New Mexico. We did wings, steak, and a few others which escape me at the moment. Lots of good food and a fun time with friends!

The other thing that I started clear back in March, I believe was running. I loved it! During the course of the summer into the fall, I ran in a total of three 5K races. I really enjoy the feeling of running and of course dropping the pounds made me feel good too. During the time of my running, I lost a total of right around 25 pounds. It made me feel great and I look forward to the next race or run.

Well, my last time to run was back in September. I have not run since that time. The biggest reason is that we also got a new puppy. I ran in a Washburn 5K Fun Run and that day we bought a puppy. That was basically the end of my running after work. I have not minded because we love our new puppy and we are so happy to have him in our lives. (More on that later along with pictures...) But I do miss running after work and I am hoping that once he is potty trained and can just hang out, that I will once again go back to running and I will be running in more 5K races in the Spring. I do enjoy it and I cannot wait to get back in the swing of running.

The summer is basically a blur and I am still trying to get over the fact that Thanksgiving 2011 is just a week and half away. I never did listen when I was little and my parents and grand parents would tell me that time flies. Wow, does it ever! Hard to believe that the year is coming to an end.

As I mentioned, we got a puppy back in September. It was not planned at all. Our friends, Shayne and Autumn, said after we ran the 5K race at Washburn and ate breakfast that they wanted to stop by Pet Smart to check the puppies. Carrie of course was all over it and I said sure. Well, that was the start of a new relationship with us and our new family member, Oliver. Wow, he is so great! The last time I had a puppy, I was in grade school. So, I did not have to worry about training, punishing, or being a good example.

We are of course taking a lot of pictures of our new puppy. Most of those pictures can be found on Flickr with more added each week (or day). He is so cute and fun to play with that we cannot resist to take pictures and have fun with him. We do still think about, talk about, and miss our kitty Sidney [pictures]. We sometimes feel that we did not grief long enough for him, but I think he would be happy that we have a new pet in our lives that is making us happy.

One of the things that drew us into Oliver at the pet store was that his tonge sticks out sometimes and he does not even know it. Sidney would do this all the time especially after sleeping. Oliver does it too and we love it! We are so lucky to have Oliver in our lives and we hope he is happy that we are in his life.

My golf game did not happen nearly as much as I had hoped over the summer. I played probably about 10 - 12 times total this whole year. Not much at all or at least compared to last year. Funny because this year my elbow and wrist was feeling a lot better, but then I was not playing as much either.

Well, until next time, I better head to bed... or let Carrie use the computer. Maybe one day, we will have two computers in our house so we do not have to share this one computer. Might be another reason why this blog is not updated on a regular basis. Maybe one day.... At least that's the excuse I am using now.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grilled BBQ Chicken Tenders Saturday Night

Again, I do not have any pictures from grilling last night. I think this is primarily due to the fact that after grilling I am starving and want to eat. So, no pictures from last nights feast!

It was a basic grilling of chicken tenders. I did them over high heat burning in the grill marks on each side. As they were about done, I slathered on BBQ sauce. They turned out very nice with Carrie and our friends enjoying them to the point of finishing them off completely.

We also did corn on the grill. Again, very basic with corn wrapped in foil. Nothing else on the corn. Threw them on the grill for about 30 minutes and they turned out great! I enjoy corn on the cob anytime, but on the grill it really brings out the flavors.

I think I said in my last BBQ post that I would take some pictures. I promise there will be pictures with the next BBQ.

Happy grilling!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grilling Time... Chicken

I got my 28 minute run (12 min mile) in last night after work. It was a good run and I felt good afterwards. Following my run (and a shower) I grilled a little bit. We grilled simple chicken on the grilled and then as they were almost done I slathered BBQ sauce on them. Oh, they were so good... if I do not say so myself. We also did squash on the grill. We did the squash in aluminium foil and they also turned out great! The last thing we grilled, but we did not eat last night, was asparagus on the grill. We will have that one night this week.

Overall, it was a good grilling experience as none of the chicken stuck to the grill. I have started a new technique that I believe is helping a lot. I am not sure if I read this somewhere or not, but I get the grill as hot as it can go before putting the meat on the fire. I leave it this way for a few minutes to sear the meat before turning down the flame. I repeat this process again after flipping. So far it has been working very nicely. I use to lose half of the whatever I was grilling by it sticking to the grill. This is much easier and gives a better appearance.

OK, you knew I could not post a new blog without talking a little about our boy Sidney. Well, last night was the first time we grilled since we put him down. Yes, it was odd! For eleven years now, whenever I grill I have had to try and keep Sidney inside while I go in and out grilling. From our house in Lawrence to this house in Topeka, he has always tried to escape while I am grilling. Often times this causes me to be carrying whatever we are grilling outside and jumping on one foot as I try to keep Sidney inside.

He would get so excited when we would let him outside while I was grilling. He almost had that look on his face like he won. Well, I guess he did in those times when he got outside to eat grass and sniff around the back patio. I missed battling the boy while I was grilling. I missed hearing him meow and purr as he stood inside the house watching me through the door. Each time I move towards the door he would meow. Ah, yes, I miss all of that....

It was a pleasant surprise last night as I was grilling with my sister Dina calling me. We chatted for a bit and it was just her calling to check in on what was happening. After I hung up, I told Carrie it was odd not to talk Kansas basketball with her in our phone conversation. It was also very nice and I hope something we all continue to do with one another in our family... check up on each other and stay informed of what each other are doing.

I had another pleasant surprise just as I was getting ready to head to bed with my brother Tim calling me. We chatted for a bit and it was very nice! He was calling to see how Carrie and I were doing a week after we put Sidney down. He said he was sitting on his back patio smoking a cigar and relaxing in the nice cool weather we were having last evening. We had a good chat and it was nice!

Both of these conversations reminded me that my sister Jennie called on Saturday just as I was headed out to play golf. I told her I would call her on Sunday.... I forgot! Opps! I am going to try and call her tonight to catch up and see how she is doing.

That is all for now... Have a great Wednesday! About a week until I leave for vacation and I can hardly wait! So much to do at work, but I think I can get it all in before we leave.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Sidney Stories....

Well, I was going to add additional memories to the previous post of Sidney, but I decided I would simply post additional blogs.

Carrie and I were remembering other Sidney stories and two came to mind....

The first one was how Sidney would get on our bed and then hunt through the covers to find a place to sleep. I am not sure I am going to be able to describe how he did it and we never did get it on video. Basically, he would go under the covers and put his head down and then raise it up so as to move the sheets up so he could go further under them. He would repeat this over and over until he got to the place (or position) he was seeking under the sheets on the bed. Watching this from the bedroom door always made us laugh. He was working so hard just to find that perfect spot under the sheets. Once he found the spot, he would be there for hours and sometimes all afternoon or evenings sleeping.

Sidney first started going under the covers when we were in the process of selling our house in Lawrence. Our house had been through a few showings, so we had been gone for the afternoon. We came home to find Sidney out in the family room and everything seemed normal. When we went into our bedroom, we could see that there was almost a tunnel under blankets that were nice and neat when we had left. As we investigated what might have had happened, we figured out it was Sidney that had gone under the covers under the sheets to find that perfect spot. He had tunneled his way about halfway down from the pillows to the middle of the bed. I am sure that people going through the house wondered what was wrong with our bed and what the lump was in our bed.

Carrie told me that he use to sleep under the sheets all the time when he was a kitten. The time I saw this in our house in Lawrence was the first time I had seen him tunnel into the blankets. From that point on including when we moved to Topeka, Sidney would continue to tunnel in sheets throughout the house. Whether they were on our bed (where he primarily do this), other beds in the house, or blankets in our family room. We loved it and miss this behavior from our little kitty.

The second one has to do with Sidney waiting for us when we would be getting ready in the the morning. Again, no pictures from this, but we have it in our memories and we miss seeing him waiting for us as we get out of the shower.

Sometimes when we would get up in the mornings, Sidney would be no where in site. Obviously, he had found a place to sleep other than our bed. This could be possibly in one of the spare bedrooms, down stairs in the in one of the rooms, or tucked away in a closet somewhere in a room where we forgot to close the door. We never thought much about it as we were getting ready. But then, about the time we were getting in the shower, here would come Sidney slowly into the bathroom. Walking as though he had been partying all night and was not sure why we were up so early. Typically this is during the week as we are getting ready for work, but he also did this routine on the weekends too.

Sidney would walk into the bathroom and either sit in front of the shower or walk over to one of the sinks and sit on the floor mat. Lick his paws, clean his ears, or lay down to rest a bit more as we prepared to get in the shower. Usually as we would exit the shower he would have changed his location to be right in front of the shower. There, he would sit on the mat and as we finished our shower, we would have to step over him all the time dripping water all over him as we grabbed our towel. He did not seem to mind at all as the water dripped on him. Sometimes he would make a little meow to at least let us know he was there waiting and almost to tell us to hurry up.

It was usually at this time that he would get exited and go into the shower to drink the leftover water on the shower floor. He would stay in there as the shower continued to drip and splash him, but again he did not seem to mind.

It is odd that since last Tuesday, I have not been able to remember a song that I use to sing about Sidney almost every day. I cannot even remember how the song goes or what I use to say. So odd!

Well, that is all the stories about Sidney for now. It is one week ago Tuesday that we put him down. Yes, we are doing better, but it is still difficult to be in the house without our boy walking around or snuggling up with us in the bed. I am sure we will continue to miss him and remember him for years to come. He was the best!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sidney Our Friend... Our Cat... Put to Rest Tuesday, June 7 at 9:30 am

Oh to lose a family pet. It has been a long time since I went through the pain I am feeling today. The last time I went through this was my senior year of high school. I had a dog named Captain that I had had from the time he was a puppy to his death. With Captain, the decision was "easier" because we knew he was hurting and we could see the sores (cancer) on his chest. He would sleep in the garage and we could see where he had slept by the dampness on the ground from his chest. It was obvious the best thing to do for Captain was to put him to rest. That decision was also not mine, but I knew it was coming when my parents told me the time had come. I cried like a baby and I still miss him to this day.

On Tuesday, June 7, we put Sidney to rest. It was a difficult decision, but one that had to be made. We had watched Sidney age over the past few years and especially this last year. He lost a ton of weight and had been diagnosed with chronic renal failure. This has required us to take him to the vet four times this past year. Three of those were for enemas and those always wiped him out. We could see that he did not have near the energy he had had just a year ago and he slept a lot.

I am going to use this blog post as a memory for Sidney and to help me with my sorrow for losing a beloved pet and friend. I will discuss funny stories that Sidney did throughout the eleven years that I knew him and stories from before I knew him. I hope this brings a smile to your face and that you can relate with me on how great of a cat and friend Sidney was to Carrie and I.

I met Sidney back in October of 2000. I met him when I was dating Carrie and we had our first date after getting back from a cruise where we met. Little Sidney, all of seven years old, was still feeling frisky and that he had all of his man parts. My first meeting with Sidney was me changing the VCR tape (yes, we still had those) and Sidney trying to hump my leg. Carrie was embarrassed as her pet was trying to attack me. This happened a few more times not only when Carrie and I were dating, but up to this past month.
We would be sleeping and Sidney would jump on the bed to try and "get our legs". It made me laugh back when I first met him in 2000 and it still made me laugh a month ago. Carrie did research on it and found that it was a very common trait for cats that are neutered to do. The picture at the left is a picture from 2000-2001 of Sidney in the apartment of Brenda and Carries'. I believe he is drinking some milk in this picture.

Sidney and I lived together for a few months prior to Carrie and I getting married. This was our bonding time. When Carrie and I were dating and Carrie lived in Topeka with Brenda, I would visit their apartment and Sidney would tolerate me. Sniff me and try to hump my leg... He was not sure about this new guy that had started coming around his pad. After I proposed to Carrie and we bought a new home in Lawrence, I closed out my lease on a apartment in Lawrence and moved into our newly purchased house. Sidney moved in with me when Carrie moved back to her parents as we were preparing to get married.

Sidney became used to seeing me every day. I would pick him up and carry him like a baby only for the reason that he seemed to want that and seemed to like it. I would work with him on the computer in the basement and he would want to get in my lap. I would pick him up and work with him on my lap for most of the evening. If I moved for the slightest reason he would get irritated and jump off... only to return thirty or so minutes later wanting back on my lap. I would talk to Carrie and the phone and she could hear Sidney in the background as we spoke. I would share how Sidney and I were getting along living together and what a great kitty he was being.

One of my favorite Sidney stories is one evening (after Carrie and I were living in the house) I sneaked up on him and scared the living daylights out of him. I tried to sneak up on him all the time when we were the only ones in the house before Carrie moved in and then afterwards too. He would never let me do it.... He would hear me coming or see me and my game would be over.

One evening he was sitting at the top of the stairs with his back to the stairs. I was downstairs and I started to come up the stairs when I saw him sitting there. I knew he had not seen or heard me, so I moved cautiously up the stairs. I got on all fours and crawled up the last flight of stairs. He was still sitting there facing the kitchen and not paying any at tention.

I got to the point where I could reach and touch him... still he had no idea I was behind him. So, I reached out to touch him and he jumped five feet in the air. When he landed, he ran down the hallway to our bedroom. He paused before going into our bedroom to look back at me. He seemed somewhat surprised that I had been able to sneak up on him let alone scare him. I laughed and laughed that night. I had to tell Carrie all about it and recreate the scene for her. That was the only time I was able to scare Sidney. He never again let me sneak up on him... in that house or our house in Topeka. He always kept a eye on me and reacted at the slightest sound.

Another favorite story for which I was not present, but Carrie and Brenda told me about had to do with Sidney and Brenda's cat, Casper. Sidney was sitting on a chair minding his business. Casper jumped up on the chair and scared him. When Sidney went flying off of the chair he left a little piece of poop on the chair. Yes, Casper scared the shit out of him and he left it on the chair as proof. This is probably the reason why Sidney would never let me sneak up on him and when I finally did, it only happened the one time.

I still remember Sidney and Casper running through the apartment of Brenda and Carrie. When we would be downstairs and they would run through, it would sound like a party upstairs. They would chase each other through the house and run at full speed from the kitchen to the upstairs.

Anytime Carrie or I would sit down to use the computer (laptop), Sidney would have to jump and find a way to lay on the computer. We were never sure if he was jealous of the laptop or if it was just comfortable to lay on it knowing that we would be paying attention to it and possibly paying attention to him too. The picture to the left is one from a few years ago when he still had some meat on him, but you can see that he would lay as much on the computer as he could. When I would use the laptop, he would not do it as much with me. When Carrie would even touch the computer while on the couch, he would see her and immediately get that look in his eye that he had to get on the couch and be with her. He would circle around her a few times from one side of the couch to the other trying to find that perfect spot to lay down. He took some serious power naps by laying on the computer while one of us was "trying" to use it. He was so cute it was hard to tell him to get off or find another place to sleep.

Another favorite of ours is when Sidney would sleep between our legs. It was one of his favorites. Something he started within the last year was sleeping between my legs at night. I would wake up to find him snuggled up between my legs laying on top of the sheets. He would become irritated if I get up or need to move. The only shot we have of him in this position is another one of his favorites and that was when we were on the couch watching television.

In this picture he does not have the blankets to give the full effect, but you get the idea. He really enjoyed it when I would lay on the couch, or in my recliner, to watch football, golf, or anything else where there was a chance I might fall asleep too. I think he could sense when I was watching something that was going to put me to sleep. Or, as the case may be when I was in bed sleeping and he knew I was going to be there for the night, he would sleep on our bed between my legs.

You can see in the picture to the right how he tilts his head and really gets after the sleep. It was one of our favorites and if you look through his pictures you can see a variety of these poses where he is sleeping with his head tilted.

Another characteristic that we loved was when he was sleeping on the couch, usually by himself, he would put his forehead (or possibly nose) against the couch to sleep. It was almost as though it was comforting to him to be in this position. He would do this same sleeping style in other areas too, but primarily it was when he was sleeping on the couch.

I mentioned it early on about holding Sidney like a baby and so I had to share a picture of me holding him. Carrie and I believe he could have stayed like this for hours, but I usually had to put him down because my arms would start hurting. I think the longest I held him for was 30 minutes and even at that he had no intention of getting out of my arms.

I loved it when he would let me hold him like this and this all started back when Sidney was staying with me prior to Carrie moving in after we got married. He could and would stay like this for hours and hours. It was fantastic and I miss it so much!

As I would hold him, he would tilt his head so I could put kisses on his head. He would look back up in my eyes like I was the best thing that ever happened to him. It made me feel so good. He had just started another new "feature" in the past few months where when I would get ready to pick him up and I would bend over, he would back up into my hands so that I would pick him up. He would stretch out as I lifted him to my chest and began to cradle him. Below is a video Carrie took of us. It was taken on her phone, so the quality is not great, but you get the idea. See more videos at

I am not sure when it started, but at some point I started referring to Sidney as "Sidney Bodean". Sometimes I would just say "Bodean". I am not sure when it started, but it sorta stuck as Carrie would refer to Sidney as "Bodean" too sometimes. Or, we would both also always use "The Boy". We also came up with a few songs about Sidney.... Actually, I think it was Carrie that came up with all of the songs regarding Sidney. I love them all! Maybe we will record a few of them and post them at a later time. I am sure you will laugh... er, love them too!

Carrie told me of a story of when Sidney was a kitten and they were in Texas with her parents where Dad Shirron was shaking out a blanket... Little did they know that little Sidney had climbed inside and was sleeping. So, when Dad shook out the blanket out flew little Sidney. I can just see Sidney flying out of blanket and probably running for cover.

Carrie and I loved Sidney so much! He was our "child" and he was our "old man". We looked forward to coming home to him after a trip and to seeing him when we were home for lunch. He made our day, lit our nights, and provided a spark to our holidays. We love Christmas Sidney! I loved it when we would be outside and Sidney would want to go outside with us. He would sit at the front door looking out at us meowing and crying because we were not letting him out.

When I would come home for lunch during the week from work, Sidney would almost always greet me. His favorite thing to do was to go out with me to get the mail, go out in the garage and sniff around, and then finally to beg for whatever it was that I was eating for lunch. I loved it!

I feel blessed to have had Sidney in my life. I will miss him forever! Holding him in my arms when the vet put him down was the best and worst thing I have ever done. I am glad that I was able to provide comfort for Sidney as he went to a better place where he will never be uncomfortable again, but I felt like I was letting him down because he trusted me. I know that what we did was the best we could do our boy Sidney. I love him and miss him so much!

Reminder that the entire set of Sidney pictures can be found at As we come across other pictures, we will add them to the set.

I hope you have enjoyed my therapy session as I have gone through my memories of Sidney. If you have memories, I invite you to share those with me by commenting on this post.

Thank you!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Grilling on a Tuesday Night

Last night we decided to grill mushrooms and asparagus on the grill. This was the second time we have done mushrooms on the grill and they turned out great! No pictures this time, but we did have more grill action. The mushrooms are large, so we eat them on hamburger buns. the asparagus also turned out great!

Tonight, no grilling, but it is once again raining. Hopefully more time for grilling this weekend. More later....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grilling and Other Adventures

Time marches along... The semester comes to an end. Wow! I cannot believe that spring is already here and we are gearing up for everything that is going to take place this summer.

Grilling on a Saturday Night
Although, I have grilled a few times, nothing too exciting until a few weeks ago over Mother's Day weekend. I finally had the chance to grill some interesting items on the grill. We grilled swordfish, tuna, and pineapple. Everything turned out great!

A picture of the feast is to the right. We were very pleased with how everything turned out. Oh, I forgot about the scallops that we did on the grill too. Everything was great if I do not say so myself.

I still have not grilled as much as I would like leading into the Spring, but we are starting to pick up the pace. Last Friday Carrie had something going on with her girlfriends, so I decided I was going to cook steak and watch movies. I had a great night! No pictures, but it was so good! A Omaha Steak wrapped in bacon on the grill along with grilled asparagus which turned out great! I promise to try and take more pictures of future dinners done on the grill.

My golf game has not been anything at all. I have only played once this year and that was for the faculty/staff golf tourney. We came in last and I played like crap! We had a good time, but I have not been out to play at Shawnee Golf Club at all this year. Tonight would actually have been a good night to go out, but no going for me. It is not that I do not want to get out and play, but it seems we have something going on every weekend and then when I would be able to play we are having bad weather.

Well, I will start making it a point to get out to play golf soon. If not, then there is not really any good reason for me to keep my membership to Shawnee Golf Club. I enjoy it out there and I want to start playing more. If nothing else, possibly twice a week nine holes each night. I enjoy those short games and playing right after work. The nine holes help to clear the mind and prepare for the next day of work.

Well, until I grill again, I will talk to you later. I will hopefully also post some golf updates before the end of June.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grilling Recipe... Greek Seafood Salad

This is a follow up to Grilling Ideas that I posted back in early March.

While the weather has not been great for grilling, I have been out once to grill. I went out on Sunday, March 27 after Kansas lost to VCU. It was snowing most of the afternoon and we had planned on doing steaks after KU won... Well, I grilled in the snow and enjoyed our steak dinner after the loss. Other than last Sunday, I have not been out to grill.

Jerry sent me a recipe via email that I wanted to make sure I held on to. He found it on the Weber web site and it sounds really good. I plan on giving it a try. Recipe can be found at and it looks great! Once I give it a try, I will update to say how it went. It looks fantastic!

Hopefully here soon the weather will get nice again (it has to) and I will be able to golf, grill, and be outside. Until then, have a great day and I will talk later....

Friday, March 25, 2011

No Grilling Yet... Odd Weather!

No, I have not done any grilling yet. I have some recipes and I am ready to go, but the weather here in Kansas has not been very good. Cold, rainy, and not very good to be outside. I do plan on taking some ideas I gathered from the status replies I received from FaceBook (see Grilling Ideas) and using them once it warms up.

The weather through the weekend does not look good at all! Rainy and cold! I am so ready for Spring to continue what it had started a few weeks ago. We did see some nice weather for a few days.... Some days I should have found time to get out to play golf, but as it were, the NCAA tourney was in session and I wanted to watch basketball.

The grilling will begin and I think it will be soon! Along with it, I do plan on starting my golf game too. More on that in another post....

Now, back to watching the Kentucky vs. Ohio State NCAA basketball game. KU already advanced to the Elite Eight.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grilling Ideas

I wanted to grab a few of the ideas, books, and suggestions on a post I put on FaceBook last week. Collect ideas and hopefully post back on my blog pictures of completed recipes, trial and error, or other issues. This was taken from replies to my status update.

Below are the list of ideas or comments with the names of the submitter removed:
  1. Use is a good site!


  3. Grill zucchini as it is the best!

  4. Anything from Bobby Flay from the Food Network is great!

  5. Use pineapple to grill. It works on anything... two different people suggested pineapple saying how great it is to grill with. Of course, peppers, onions, etc., are also good to grill with. I have done these in the past, but as a side dish.

  6. or

  7. The book "Primal Grill" by Steven Raichlen is good!


  9. Watch Hy-Vee ads. Chef Alli teams up with Rob Russell to teach amazing BBQ classes.
A lot of information to go through, but I wanted to make sure I had it all recorded so I can go through it later. I plan to use some of the books, web sites, and recipes of course through this Summer. I will take pictures and post my reactions to the recipes.

What to do first, that's the question! Something different I have never done before on the grill I hope!

Happy grilling!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Lego Games

Lego Games
Lego Games,
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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March 2011 Update

Here we are facing March Madness right square in the face. We sit here on March 1 with the Kansas Jayhawks in first place after Kansas State knocked of the Texas Longhorns last night. Who would ever have though Kansas would be back in first place. Still, they have a lot of work to do with playing Texas A&M tomorrow night and to close out the season, Missouri on Saturday. Of course, KU beating Missouri would help out Kansas State a great deal.

So, here we are at the brink of the best sports month ever! If you enjoy college basketball, like me, you have been enjoying non-stop college basketball since October/November. Now, it gets even better with conference tournaments and NCAA tourney starting up too. This is one of my favorite times of the year ranking right up there with Thanksgiving.

So, it has been a few months since I last posted anything. What a broken record! I have been meaning to post and then before I know it the day (or the month) is over and nothing is posted. I had good hopes of keeping at least my blog, if not my web site, updated with current and "interesting" events from my life. That has not happened, so I am forced to do my updates in huge chunks of random thoughts all put together in a matter of a evening.

Football season last year was a interesting sport to follow. We had our Kansas City Chiefs who shocked everyone and ended up doing very well throughout the season. They even made it to the playoffs.... only to lose badly in their playoff game. We had the Washburn Ichabods who made it to a bowl game and kicked butt! Then, there was the Kansas Jayhawk football team who had a miserable season. Losing bad to the Kansas State Wildcats and other horrible loses. It was a fun football season and especially so for followers of the Washburn Ichabods. I love those tailgates!

Carrie and I had a good Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with the Shirrons' and Christmas Day with the Havertys'. I helped to put on the program for the Havertys' Christmas where we took our karaoke machine. Everyone had a great time and it was good to see everyone. It was a odd Christmas... but something I do not feel like I should go into on a blog.

New Years Eve celebration was not a huge party for us either. We had our friends, Brenda and Javier, over to play games, watch movies, and of course drink some adult beverages. Greg and Kerrice came over later in the evening and we played games. It was a fun low key evening.

In early January, we learned that our friend, Ray Galloway, had passed away. Ray lived in Helena, AR and we made the trip to attend his funeral. What a great guy! I had known him for seven or eight years. He was a fun loving easy going guy who would bend over to do anything for his friends and family. I am so glad that we were able to make it down to be with his family in their time of need.

February was a complete blur. It seemed to have flown so fast that I cannot believe it is already March 1. Well, it is about my bedtime and I am ready to head to bed. This is one of those blogs where I have no idea if anyone reads this or not and I really do not care. I know that I like going back and reading posts as it brings back memories and I enjoy posting. I need to make it a priority (or set a reminder) to do it more often.

Until I post again, have a great day and a great month!