Sunday, January 29, 2017

Closing in on Final Days of Whole30 and Favorite Meals from Past Week

Picture of calendar marking off days remaining in #Whole30 program

With a little over a week remaining, Carrie and I are entering the final days of the #Whole30 program. I cannot say enough how much I have enjoyed this program. For my part, it has been very easy. I cleanup the kitchen following meals, eat, and compliment the chef or let her know what dishes I do not like. Yes, for the most part, I have liked all dishes she has created.

This past week was another good one. I worked out twice and it felt really good! Continued eating regarding the #Whole30 program. I even ate out twice and I was able to stick to the program. Tempted Friday evening to have a beer and refrained from doing so. I feel great!

Carrie and I will finish out this program the first weekend of February. We plan to take a one week break from the program and then start it again. Carrie again told me that I did not have to stick to it again for the second time, but I plan to do so. The program is certainly making an impact as I feel great and I continue to feel as though I have a lot of energy.

Now to share some of my favorite dishes from the past week. I do plan at the end of the program to do a final post with my top five dishes from this #Whole30meal program.

Using steak I had cooked the night before, we had a fairly easy dish of salad with steak on top. Delicious!

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The butternut squash soup was fantastic! Had this for a few days after wards as leftovers was very nice! She did a great job with this soup!

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Can never go wrong with tuna salad. We had this for lunch and again it was easy and quick eat so we could get back to work.

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The sweet potatoes she did with this next dish are probably some of my all time favorite methods for cooking vegetables. I am not a huge fan of sweet potatoes, but they are so good this way that I could eat a whole bowl full. A little crunch and sweet they are almost like dessert.

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The buffalo chicken stuff acorn squash was really good too! I think I like the Mexican Acorn Squash she did earlier, but this had good flavor.

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The egg salad over spinach was really good! Had this one for lunch and again it was quick for her to make and delicious!

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The salad with Trader Joe's Chili Lime Chicken Burger was certainly a hit!

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Finally, for dinner Saturday night, she made chicken, asparagus, and roasted carrots. She did the chicken over leeks which I liked a lot. The flavor of the leeks cooked in the same pan where the chicken had been was fantastic!

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Another post next weekend with favorites from the past week and then a final post with my top five dishes from the #Whole30 program. It has been a fun journey and I look forward to doing the program again!

I do know that during our week off of the program, we will hit some favorite spots in town, I will have a beer or two. We do not plan to go crazy as we do not want to reverse everything we have accomplished during this whole process.

Have comments or questions, please let me know. Feedback is always welcome!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Whole30 Halfway Through the Program

PIcture of Whole30 Chalkboard with Day Fifteen Marked Off

We are halfway done with the #Whole30. Today marks the fifteenth day of the program. I am really enjoying this process. Again, it helps that Carrie is a great cook (more on that later with some of my favorites) and it also helps that we are both doing the program together.

I will not go into how much weight we have lost, but I will say we are both pleased with the amount of weight loss. I thought I would have lost more than I have, but happy with what has happened so far. The last time (about 15 years ago) when I did not drink beer, or any alcohol, for a month, I dropped weight quickly. I guess being older means I do not drop the weight as fast. Plus, my eye site is going, I have pains, and can barely bend over to tie my shoes... Again, that can be another post. This one is about how well our #Whole30 program is going.

Last week I started working out. I worked out twice last week. Both times I was really sore following the workout. In fact, I am still sore today and I worked out last Thursday. I had planned to work out Saturday or today, but got busy with house work and did not get to the gym. My planned days for workouts will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday.

As far as eating goes each week, I do not feel hungry. Getting enough food at breakfast (which I am now eating on this program), lunch, and dinner. Sometimes after getting home from work, I will be hungry before dinner, so we have a split apple or nuts to tide us over. Really though, the #Whole30 program prefer we not eat snacks between meals. We are trying to abide by that rule.

I am still very happy with the process. I feel great! I feel like I have more energy even after fifteen days after the program started. No complaints with the program. I am planning to read the book too. Carrie has the book, but I prefer to read an eBook, so waiting for it to become available at the library. We plan to do this process two more times before June.

Now, to share some of my favorite dishes we have had this past week.

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Fifteen more days to go. Looking forward to what we eat and the journey to get to the end. Then a small break and start it up again. I do not think we have discussed when the #Whole30 will start again, but I know it will be soon.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Carrie and John Start Whole30 Eating Finishing First Week

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Carrie and I started the Whole 30 on Sunday, January 8. We are seven days into the first week. It is going very well. I still do not know a lot about the #Whole30, but everything Carrie has made has been delicious!

Carrie had been talking about doing the #whole30 for a while now. We have a friend who has done it a few times and lost a lot of weight. Before we started, Carrie told me I did not have to limit everything as she was doing. I could eat rice, drink a beer here or there, etc., but I told her no, I would do it with her. Much easier for one of us to be on a new eating routine if we are both doing it too.

What does being on the #Whole30 mean, well, for one, no sugar, no rice, bread, etc. Again, I am not entirely sure as Carrie has been doing the cooking and planning for cooking. She is doing a marvelous job.

I had my biggest challenge Thursday with our staff meeting at work where they served a taco bar and then Washburn cake which I absolutely love. I stuck with salad and did not touch the taco bar or cake. On Friday, another challenge going to the Burger Stand where normally I would enjoy a few beers, eat a burger, and maybe a basket of fries. I drank water all night. Friends were asking me on Thursday and again last night why I was not eating or drinking. Kind of difficult to explain #Whole30 when I do not know a lot about it.

I feel better though after a week. No heartburn and I feel like I have more energy. I know the last time I cut out alcohol, I lost a lot of weight. What is the next step in this process, both Carrie and I are planning to start our gym workouts. I plan to go back to the gym to ride the bike and run on the treadmill and Carrie is planning to return to Jazzercise. I am planning to return to the gym this next week. I need to locate my workout gear and get my head phones charged up.

Now, for a few of the dinners Carrie has made this week. Fantastic! These are a few pictures of my favorites. Thanks honey!

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Lucky man having Carrie as my wife who is the greatest cook! Even when I do not think I will like something, it is still good. Just give it a try and I might like it.

I told Carrie this weekend will be the toughest of the week (at least for me). Being home, watching basketball, football, and hanging out cries out for a beer in those situations. Nope, not going to do it!

Are you doing the #Whole30 or have you ever done it? Any tips or tricks that you did? Feel free to post comments as I would love to hear from you. I am hopeful next week I will have an update after I have been to the gym a few times.