Sunday, October 30, 2022

Exercise, Weight Watchers, and Journey to Healthy Weight After Two Months of Weight Watchers

I started Weight Watchers back on August 14, 2022. I have been consistently tracking what I eat each week even when I knew it was going to be well over my points for that day. I have had a few days where I have gone way beyond the points for the day. I laughed because when I started Weight Watchers my daily points was around 42. After the first week, that dropped to 32 a day. I am enjoying the process and I think it is going well.

Here is history of my initial week through this weekend.

Date Weight Change Since Start 
10/28/22 236.8 -.6 -20.4
10/21/22 237.4 -1.2 -19.8
10/14/22 238.6 -4.2 18.6
10/1/22 242.8 -4 -14.4
9/25/22 246.8 +.4 -10.4
9/18/22 246.4 -5.4 -13
9/4/22 249.6 -1.2 -7.6
8/28/22 250.8 -2.4 -6.4
8/21/22 253.2 -4 -4
8/14/22 257.2 0 0

Overall, I have lost 20.4 lbs since my start. I am happy with the progress but still a long way to go. The only week I did not weigh in was the week of October 7. We had just returned from being out of town and did not get weight tracked that week. I am happy overall with how I have done after two months. Only one week where I gained week at weigh-in time, so not bad. I want to lose about another 30 - 35 lbs.

I was doing my day to weigh-in on Sunday morings, but realized if I moved my day to weigh-in to Friday morning, that might look a little better. Actually, this is a recent change where I started to do my weigh-in on Friday morning. The largest weeks to lose weight were August 21, September 18, September 25, October 1, and October 14. I am not sure why those days I lost more weight than other weeks. I know at some point I will have a period where I will gain weight or not lose anything at all. I am prepared mentally for those to occur and will not be discouraged.

I like how my clothes are fitting and I feel great! It is amazing what losing double digit pounds can do for my own internal image. It makes me feel great and I do not want to go back to the weight I was previously or how I felt when I was larger. I told someone recently that the largest I have been in my life was during 2020/2021 as I did nothing at all during that time except work, eat, drink, and sleep. I knew I had to do something when we started going back into work and my work clothes did not fit. Things had to change!

 So, I am off to a good start and a long way to go. I am enjoying exercising and I have things that keep me motivated. For me, that’s what it takes to keep me working out is to have motivation for the workout. For me, I like having an Apple Watch that tracks my workouts, heart rate, etc., so I can see that mapped out on my progress. The Weight Watchers app that tracks my weekly weight and let’s me know how I am doing also helps to keep me motivated. As I mentioned, I know that at some point I will have gains but hoping the losses are larger than the gains. I have to keep the motivation and encouragement to myself to keep this going.

As we move into winter months and it continues to get colder, I want to make sure I can run at least once a week. I am thinking about joining the Student Rec at Washburn again, but then I feel bad when I go months without using the gym. So, I am still thinking about it on whether I would want to join the gym just to be able to use the treadmill or weights. It is making sense to me and the cost is low, so I might do it at some point.

I will post another update around December/January, so hoping to still be positive and good news about my weight loss the next time. Until then, I will keep my bike riding, running, and walking to stay active.

Enjoy your workout and until next time, keep the workout going…

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Months, Days, Hours, and Minutes Fly By… Here We Are at the End of October 2022 and 2023 is Right Around the Corner

The second to last Sunday in October and the year marches on as we prepare for November. Please, pump the breaks a little bit, we are moving way too fast through the days, months, and years. The days only seem to going faster and faster. Seriously, it seems as though 2022 just began and only yesterday that it was 2020 and we were in the middle of COVID. Yet, here we are with just two months to go in 2022. Before we know what is happening, we will be halfway through 2023.

I remember as a kid thinking the days were dragging and saying such things as “I am so bored”. Oh, what I would do to go back to those days and slow movement of time. Of course back when I was a kid, when I was doing something fun such as being on vacation, playing a sport, or playing in the back yard, time would seem to fly. Pleading to stay up another hour past bedtime because I was having fun. The days that would run long were days in school, Church, etc., where time would drag. As an adult who is now 50, I find time flies no matter what it it that I am doing. Having fun, work, or chilling around the house, time flies.

I have written about how time seems to be going faster and faster as I get older, so I am not sure what it will be like when I am 60, 70, or 80. I know and understand time is not changing, but it is the perception of time that increases or decreases as we are doing other things. As I get older, will time continue to advance for my perception of time passing? When I talk to my Mom each evening, we usually talk about the day and what happened. She talks to me about how fast the days move, so it makes me think it will not get better. It makes me think I should research how to slow down my perception of time possibly with mediation. 

For today on this beautiful Sunday where I was able to run this morning I am trying to slow down the day. Keep the Sunday from moving fast before the week starts again and before I know it I will be posting about the first weekend of the first weekend of November. Slow down! Pump those breaks and keep this ride of life from going fast.

What do you do to keep the days from going too fast? How do you relax and slow down the sense of time moving too quickly? Do you meditate? Read a good book? What do you do to help with this feeling? Finally, if you are getting older, do you notice that time seems to be going faster as you get older?

Have a great week and I will talk to you next week!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

King Biscuit Blues Festival Returns and It Was Memorable for 2022

King Biscuit Blues Festival 2022
King Biscuit Blues Festival Main Stage

After two years of not having the King Biscuit Blues Festival (KBBF), it was sure good to be back at The Biscuit! It will go down as one of the most memorial festivals in my memory of attending. Days were beautiful and yes I had some favorite acts too.

It was so good to see many of our friends that we would normally see every year at KBBF. Eddie, Carrie, and I got down to Helena, AR Wednesday afternoon. Much earlier than we usually arrive as we wanted to make it by mid-afternoon to help with some stage items that were happening for a tribute to Bubba who passed since the last time we had a festival. We had a fun night.

Delta Dirt Distillery

Carrie and I decided to stop by Delta Dirt Wednesday afternoon as we figured it might be our only time to be able to stop by there to see. As it turned out, Carrie and Javier were able to go there the later in the week. Carrie and I thought the place was going to be so busy would not be able to get into try it out. It was really good! I want to go back and try it when they are not limited on their drink selections. We sat at the bar and enjoyed our drinks. Yes, we could have had more because they were so good, but we wanted to get back to help out at the stage.

Drinks at Delta Dirt

Good way to start out the festival. Normally on Wednesday when we arrive at the festival, we go out to eat some place. This night, we were down around the stage helping out where needed and really having a good time catching up with everyone.

Once again this year, I did not take as many pictures as I had planned. I took a few Wednesday and a few more on Thursday. That was about it. I had also planned to record notes and information for each day from the various acts, but instead I only worked, drank, and ate. So, I had a good time and enjoyed myself.

Carrie and I with Friends

We spend a lot of time down in the "Next Act Only" area. This is where the crew hangs out, watching, talking, and laughing. As acts pull up to the area, we help them carry their equipment to the stage. Between acts, we help prepare acts for their set.

For Thursday, the first band started at 11 am. The rest of the days, the first act was at noon. So, it is not too bad and drinking cold beer throughout the day helps.

Corrie Posing with Carrie’s Hat
Corrie Posing in Carrie’s Hat
Eddie, Corrie, and Carrie Selfie
Eddie, Corrie, and Carrie Selfie

Tommy and Carrie Selfie
Tommy and Carrie Selfie

Aunt Carol and Carrie Selfie
Aunt Carol and Carrie Selfie

Bart and John Selfie on Main Stage
Bart and John Selfie on Main Stage

Javier and Carrie at Delta Dirt
Javier and Carrie at Delta Dirt

 See the full album from Carrie and I on Flickr Album Kings Biscuit Blues Festival 2022.

Great to be back at The Biscuit! Fun to see everyone. This will certainly go down as one of my most memorable festivals. Long break since the last festival and then everyone got together and it was as if never had a break.

Until next time, have a great week!

Sunday, October 09, 2022

My Exercise Stats from September Were Up Slightly and Feeling Good

Monthly Stats for SeptemberI made it through September and had one more day of exercise than I did compared to the prior month. So, that feels good. It helped that I was able to get one week of four workouts in the week which helped to give me the extra day of exercise. I was hoping to have more weeks with the four workout days, but September turned out to be a difficult month to get those quality days into my workout.

I also went for two weeks in September where I gained weight, so that was not motivating. As I mentioned, this is due to football games, tailgates, and not sticking to my meal plan for those weeks. I am happy to report that as of last weekend I had a week where I lost weight again and I have lost almost 15 pounds thus far which feels great!

More Data from Monthly Stats for September

I was up for total workouts, minutes, and calories burned all looking good from September stats. I was down in miles traveled during September though which I account for not working out the 12 - 18 and 26 - 30 dates. Overall, I am happy with my numbers from workouts for September. 

I told Carrie that I am enjoying my runs Saturday mornings, so I am thinking I am going to join the gym again at work just to have it as a backup in case the weather is bad and I need to run. Granted, I only plan on running one day a week, but it might also be nice to have the gym as a backup if I do not feel like riding the bike at home.

Short update for this week. I hope you have a great week!

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Book Reading and Attending Author Speaking at Public Library... So fun! Enjoying My Time Reading Each Day...

My goal for 2022 was to read at least 20 books for the year. Well over the half-way point, I think I am going to exceed the 20 book count. I have read my Kindle every day since before January 1, 2022, so I have a nice long streak going of reading. I typically read over the noon hour after eating lunch and at home with Carrie and Oliver. My other regular time to read is while in bed and getting ready to go to sleep. No matter the time, what we are doing, or where we are at, I have made time to read at least once a day.

The Kindle app tracks days I read, how many books I have read, etc., so I like that part of using the Kindle device and Kindle app on my phone. Carrie told me a trick that when I have a book checked out from the library, if I put my Kindle in airplane mode, I can continue reading the book past when it is "due" back to the library. It takes me longer to read than others, but I have made progress, yet I find that Kindle app is currently showing the last time I read was on August 14. Once I finish my current book it will all sync up and show a streak again going back to before January 1.

The latest series I am reading is by C. J. Box which was a recommendation from the late Rick Ellis who worked with Carrie in Learning in the Community (LinC). I am almost done with the third book in the Joe Pickett series. I have enjoyed the books so far and there are over twenty in this series, so I should have something to read for a while.

Joe Pickett is a game warden in the north and a basic average guy who is trying to do the right thing. Protecting the land and the people he loves. The story line is good and believable which keeps me going back to see what happens next.

Carrie had heard that C. J. Box was going to be speaking at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library this past Tuesday. We got tickets (it was free) and went to hear C. J. Box talk. The place was packed and it is possible Carrie and I were some of the youngest in the audience, but we had a great time. C. J. Box talked for about an hour about various pieces of his book and television shows which recently launched. 

We saw our friend, Autumn, at the event too although she works there, she was excited to hear C. J. Box talk that evening too. Neither Carrie, or Autumn, have read any of the books, but I know Carrie plans to read some of his books. I think my Mom is going to read some of his books too as I told her about the event and how I am enjoying the series.

I am having fun reading and finding new series to read. I have done a few of a book club books and those were good, but I also like to start a series to read the whole thing. I am always interested to hear what books others are ready or what they recommend for me. Carrie has provided me some good books over the years to read.

Enjoy whatever book you are reading...