Wednesday, April 17, 2019

March Madness Hopefuls ESPN Tournament Winners

Follow up on who won the ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019. Every weekend was fun with so many good games. But, this post is more about the winners for the tournament challenge March Madness Hopefuls.

Looking at the top four teams that all picked the national champion correctly with Virginia were Dos Try, Crashing the Boards, The B Team, and NastySplash. A narrow margin of victory allows Dos Try to pull ahead in the Final Four and get the win in the national championship game with all four top teams getting 320 points.

Removed the owners from the below listing, but they are left on the links above. Fun March Madness!

RankBracket R64R32S16E8F4NCGChampionTotalPCT
Dos Try
Crashing the Boards
The B Team

Until next year! Have a great spring and look forward to seeing you back for March Madness 2020 next year.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

March Madness 2019 Tournament Challenge

ESPN Tournament Challenge Picture

Hard to believe it is that time of year again. Short write up with information on accessing the ESPN Tourney Challenge. Same name as last year and hopefully you will share with family, friends, and co-workers so we can get a lot of people in this group. Directions for joining are listed below.
  1. Visit the link to ESPN which will take you directly to the March Madness Hopefuls.
  2. If you are already signed into the ESPN web site, you can immediately create your bracket. If not signed into the site, you will need to sign in first.
  3. Join the group and use the password: haverty (No password is necessary -- Open Group)
  4. Repeat the above process to create additional brackets. In the March Madness Hopefuls bracket, you can have three entries.
Be sure to submit your entries by 10:00 am CST Thursday, March 21. This will make sure you get your entries submitted and have time to get them submitted. First game tips at 11:15 am on Thursday March 21.

If you have any questions or problems, please post a comment to this post.

Good luck and enjoy March Madness!