Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brief Update on my Motivation

Even though I am not dieting at the moment, I still like to check my weight on the scale. I do so probably about once a week. I remember back in September, or even October, running into people at work or elsewhere and they would tell me I look great! Have I lost weight? I would then tell them about all the running I had done and the amount of weight I had lost.

Fast forward through football tailgate season, Thanksgiving, and now into December.... I do not hear it at all anymore. Was it a motivation factor to have people tell me how great I look? Yes! It is now a little depressing to step on the scale after working so hard for so many months earlier this year to be back about where I was at when I decided a life change was needed.

I am feeling the will power and the motivation kicking in and I am going to get back down to where I was at and more. My goal this time is to break 200 lbs. That was my goal last time, but I never did make it. I got down to 203, but never broke what I was shooting for.

I think it is true that this has to be a life change and not just simply a diet. I think earlier this year when I did it, I did make it a life change. I used MyFitnessPal to track my food, exercise, and weight. I will be doing so again in January. I also plan to cut out beer, wine, etc., completely for at least the first month. After a month, I will only reward myself occasionally and not in excess. Having a beer or a glass of wine should be a reward and not the norm for hard work and losing weight.

Some might wonder why I am making January 2 my start date instead of Jan 1. Well, I know there is food and drink I will be enjoying on January 1, so I set the second as my official go live date for my life style change to kick in. I am really looking forward to it and it is everything I can do to NOT start it today.

I plan to involve weights more into my routine too along with good eating and of course jogging. I will also be looking for 5K opportunities as that gives me something to train for and compete in which helps to motivate me... Plus, I enjoy running in the 5K events.

Well, I wanted to get a few thoughts down on this Saturday morning as I was thinking about them while getting ready this morning. A hing of depression at how much weight I have gained back, but I know I opened that up by saying I would eat/drink whatever I wanted the past few months. Now, it is time to turn that around and get back into shape!

OK, so my "brief update" turned into a bit longer of a post....

Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Lifestyle Changes in January

The last time I ran was back in September. The last time I cared what I ate was back in September. The last time I ran in a 5K was back in September. I had almost made it to my goal weight of being below 200 lbs. I was so close! At my lowest weigh-in, I was at 203. I could not lose those last three pounds and get under the 200 mark.

Well, fast forward to December with a half-dozen tailgate football games, parties, and various other events where I drank what I wanted to drink and ate what I wanted to eat. I have gained back about half of what I had lost. I am back to the 215-220 range.

I decided that instead of trying to get back on the running regiment prior to, or even after, Thanksgiving to Christmas, that I would simply wait until after January 1. I have set a start date of going back to the lifestyle I enjoyed which included running, eating right, and feeling so good about myself for January 1. Really, it will be January 2. Until then, I do not feel bad about eating what I want or drinking what I want.

I can tell from the new clothes that I have purchased during the past six months that I have gained a lot of weight back. New shirts that I had are fitting tighter and I am winded chasing our new puppy around the house.

Starting January 2, I will be hitting my new lifestyle change hard. Cut out liquor, start the Couch to 5K, and eating right. I am looking forward to it. What will help me further will be to have a target date set for my first 5K of 2012. I plan to have other 5K races set as well as that helps me to have something to focus on and to train for instead of simply running for the feel of it.

I intend to post a update of my progress each week and how the running is going. I believe this will help me with my progress as well. So, watch for new updates starting in January. I will include a start picture and something to aim for through the summer.

Until then, I will talk to you later. If you feel like posting some motivation, I am certainly open to it as I have struggled to get back into the swing of my diet, er, life style, since September. With drive and motivation, I will get back to that swag and feeling of looking good.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year until I post again....