Saturday, January 28, 2023

Have You Had Your Colonoscopy? Get It Scheduled. Not As Bad as Others Have Told You… Get It Done!

It’s s official. I am old! 

I had my first colonoscopy this past Thursday. I was not nervous to do the procedure, but nervous for the preparation for the procedure. It is nothing to be concerned about for the process or the procedure. 

The preparation started two days before on Tuesday evening when I took four laxatives at 4 pm. That night I did spend some time in the bathroom, but again, it was not bad. I did decide to work from home on Wednesday as I was not sure what to expect. Not a bad Wednesday either although good to be close to the bathroom. 

I started the process of trying to get the colonoscopy scheduled back in October or so. I am not sure if the doctor was backed up (no pun intended) or miscommunication with my doctor and referral, but it took a while. Finally, in December I was able to confirm an appointment for January 26. I was all set and ready to go through the process.

As the days led up to the date, I heard from family and friends about how awful the process was and what they went through. Good news is that my friend, Brenda, had shared with me who to go to here in Topeka that she had used and it was not bad at all. I got a doctors referral to use Dr. Challa here in Topeka. While it is a two day prep, I would be drinking Gatorade with the mixture. So, Brenda was right that it was not bad at all.

All that was needed for preparation was purchased over the counter. Again, I had heard others tell me that was the worst part drinking prescribed power with some people telling me they had to force it down. I had no issues with the following:

The Dulcolax I took four two night prior to my scheduled appointment. The day prior, I took Dulcolax again at 4 pm and then followed it by drinking MiraLAX and Gatorade combined for 64oz that I had to finish before midnight. As I mentioned, the process was not bad at all other than having to drink 64oz of Gatorade, the process was not bad at all. Usually, I would have no issue drinking a lot of Gatorade, but doing so when have to do it during a certain amount of time did make the last glass or two take a while to go down. 

I went with the Cherry Flavored Gatorade. I had to stay away from red or purple. I also had to stay away liquids in general. One day out and it was an all liquid diet through the day. I stuck to Sprite, Jello, and Chicken Broth. I was surprised that I stayed content through the day and had no issues with being hungry.

The morning of my appointment, I could not eat or dink anything. I was able to brush my teeth. My appointment was at 9 am. I checked in and it was over before I knew it. I was told they found some polyps and I would need to have another one in three years. Awaiting the results from the tests that will take two to three weeks to process.

The basis of this story is to share how easy the process is and that I should have started this five years ago. It was the recommendation to do this at 50, but the recommended age has dropped to 45. If your family has a history of colon cancer, get your appointment scheduled and get it done. It is not bad and can help to keep you healthy.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Not a Fun Start to 2023 with Carrie Being in the Hospital from January 8 - 18… Out and Recovering with Daily IVs

I am providing the following summary of the past two weeks with permission from Carrie. 

Flowers Carrie Received in the Hospital
Flowers Received in Hospital
What a start to 2023 and not so good kind. After returning from Texas the first few days of January, Carrie was not feeling well. She had mild temperature every night, pain, and just not feeling great. The mild temperatures and discomfort continued through January 7. We talked about going to the emergency room (ER) on Saturday, January 7, but decided it might be something else that was causing the discomfort, so we gave it another day. I went to pick up some medication Sunday, January 8 that Carrie requested, but with no changes throughout the day, we decided to take her to the ER Sunday evening.

When we arrived at the ER, Carrie still had a fever and could not sit down in the chairs in the waiting room due to the pain. We went back to Stormont Vail Health hospital because she had surgery there back in the middle of December. Once they got us into a room and did some tests, the decision was made to check her into the hospital for the night. 

Carrie Showing Off Two IV’s While in Hospital
Carrie with Two IV’s
Carrie would remain in the hospital for a week and half. She was not released until Wednesday, January 18. Carrie had an infection which was caused from surgery back in December when she went in for an operation. She had a bad infection that can sometimes occur during an operation and caused her to be in the hospital for the first part of 2023. Carrie had an IV in her arm the entire time she was in the hospital. For a few days, she had an IV in each arm as she was receiving antibiotics that could not be mixed and had to be in separate arms.

This was the first time either of us had to be in the hospital overnight. I am so glad she is out and recovering. I know she was in the best place for help, but it was tough seeing her in there when the pain was intense. Following her being released on January 18, she is doing daily visits to get an IV each day through the first part of February. She is wearing a midline IV that she keeps on until the treatment is completed the first part of February.

Paw Squad Visiting Carrie in Hospital
Paw Patrol Dog Visiting Carrie
While she was in the hospital, she was on the fifth floor which is the pediatric floor. Stormont Vail Health was packed when we arrived on January 8, so the only room available was the pediatric floor. All of the nurses were great! So nice and took good care of Carrie. They have Paw Squad which comes around daily to see patients and since Carrie was on the fifth floor, she was able to see the dogs too that stopped on the floor. 

I am so happy she is home and feeling so much better. Carrie, I love you!

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Twitter Turns Off Access for Third Party Applications to Twitter Since January 12, 2023 — Musk Take Over Causing Problems

Service Disruption Notice from Tweetbot for Twitter
Tweetbot Service Disruption
Since Elon Musk took over Twitter on October 27, 2022, it is really a struggle to remain a customer of Twitter. From allowing blocked accounts back on the service to the most recent issue of blocking third party apps from accessing the service. The whole take over by Musk has been a joke from the beginning with the tweet “Entering Twitter HQ - let that sink in!” At some point, it is hard not to think that he is trying to get rid of loyal Twitter customers. I have a few friends that once Musk took over Twitter, they left the service deleting their account completely. 

The most recent change on January 12, 2023 at 7:30 pm blocking third party applications might be the last straw for me. As of this update, it has been three days since third party Twitter applications stopped working with no information from Twitter on the matter. I have been a Twitter member since April 2009 with 656 people I am following and 661 followers. Not great numbers, but I have been very active at certain times of the year and I especially found it useful for sporting events.

I have used Tweetbot for a number of years and I like the app more than the Twitter app. The main point I like is that I can set my own feed and not have to do what Twitter wants with popular tweets at the top of my timeline. With Tweetbot, I see the actual flow of tweets from those that I follow. The past few years, Tweetbot had a subscription model for a small fee to receive updates which I had been doing. 

What a surprise on January 13 when I started up Tweetbot to find that it was not working. Then searching Twitter to find that it was a change Twitter had made affecting all third party applications using application programming interface (API) where all apps broke. With no news from Twitter, it has people wondering if this is another change by Elon Musk to force everyone to the Twitter application or site. Basically, the change being to not allow any third party applications to access Twitter. Bad idea! If there is not correction to this issue, I will leave and I think more people will leave Twitter Than we have already seen since the take over in October 2022.

Sad day to break such a wonderful social media application. Easy to share information, easy to follow, and fun to interact with others. No wonder people are leaving. I am interested what Elon Musk will do next to break the service or force people from the social media platform.

For me, I have started to use Reddit a lot more. I still enjoy the ease to post and interact with Twitter, but Reddit has a sub for almost everything and finding that it is fun to interact there with others on sporting events. So, I have not decided yet to delete my account, but I am certainly approaching this as my next action on the Twitter site going down the tubes.

What are you using for your social media platform? Do you still use Twitter? If not, why did you decide to move away from Twitter?

Sunday, January 08, 2023

Short Update with Other Odds and Ends Discussed

Augusta Vin Winery Selfie
Augusta Vin Winery Selfie
Not planning on a long update for today. 2023 has started and already eight days into the New Year. It is hard to believe! Carrie and I traveled to Houston, TX between Christmas and New Years Day where we had a great time. Ate a lot of great food, had some drinks, and able to spend time with friends. Oliver had a fun trip too as he went with us on the trip, but he got a little cranky after being away a week and not getting his full rest sleep like he does around our house. But, I think he had a good time seeing new things, playing with Corrie’s dog, and generally just new things for him. Granted, he likes to have his routine, so I know he missed our normal routines that we do each day.

Short update as this was a busy week starting up the New Year. I still have not started working out and while I think about it, just not motivated to start anything at all. Not great, but I do look forward to starting up biking and running again hopefully soon. I am thinking I will do another February working out, eating right, and no alcohol, but I will see how that goes as we get closer to February. 

That’s about all I have for this week. I will try for a longer update next week. Ready for another week of work and I cannot believe the spring semester is starting here in soon. 

Have a great week and I will talk to you later.