Friday, December 03, 2010

December Update and Preparing for 2011

Another Thanksgiving goes by and we make a step closer to the end of
2010. It is hard to believe that we will soon be into 2011. I recall
as a kid thinking that when I would see movies and they would talk about
2015 or 2020 that it seemed so far off it was not real. Well, those
years are fast approaching and they will be here before we know it. Crazy!

Kansas Football has ended, but we still have Washburn football to
attend. In fact, Washburn football made it to a bowl game and it is
tomorrow here in Topeka. We can hardly wait, but it is going to be nice
and cold. Hopefully the Ichabods are ready and it is a fun game to watch.

Kansas basketball is well underway. They played a too close for comfort
game last night against UCLA. It was close the entire way with KU down
a few times by two or three buckets. They fought back and ended up
winning by one point which was caused by a intentional miss at the foul
line by KU to keep UCLA from going back down the court to score. Good game!

Carrie and I are planning to have pizza night at our house on December
19. We told anyone who can make it to arrive shortly after 1 and we
would play games all afternoon until it was pizza time. Then, after
pizza, we would again play games. Yes, we both realize this was a week
before Christmas, but it seemed like a good time to do it at our house
and hopefully everyone will be able to do it. I am not sure what games
we will play, but I would imagine Trivial Pursuit or some other similar
game will be played.

Sidney has been interesting the past few weeks with sleeping what seems
like a lot more than usual. He sleeps in my leather chair in the living
room and does not hardly move the whole day. He gets up to eat, drink
water, and possibly poop, but not much more than that. He is so funny
and I love going home at lunch to see him. I always feel bad if I have
to miss going home and I do not get to see him.... especially if I did
not fill up his bowl before leaving in the morning. He lets us know
about it when we get home in the evening if he did not have enough food
to eat. Crazy cat, but we love him!

I heard through the grapevine that Jennifer and Tim had to put down
their dog, Lilly. That is so sad! Lilly had been having problems for a
few years and was completely blind. When I heard about it, I remembered
all of the feelings I had when my dog, Captain, was put down back in
1991. Wow, that was difficult! I still think back to Captain some days
and it makes me sad to think that he is no longer here. I remembered
being in grade school and sitting outside playing and Captain was part
of my "play". He was my friend and listened to everything I had to
say. Sad day when he left us! I know Lilly was a huge part of the T.S.
Haverty family too and so I wonder other than being sad of Lillys'
passing, what they miss. She was always a good dog and loved to be
petted. Farewell my friend, Lilly!

Christmas plans are still up in the air. I know Carrie and I are
planning on spending Christmas day at my parents as of today. It sounds
like we will spend the day after Christmas with the Shirrons'. Waiting
for confirmation on both counts hopefully later this weekend.

Well, that is a good update for now. I had not updated since October or
something. Crazy how times flies by, but I already went over that
earlier in this update.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! If I do not talk to you before