Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brief Update on my Motivation

Even though I am not dieting at the moment, I still like to check my weight on the scale. I do so probably about once a week. I remember back in September, or even October, running into people at work or elsewhere and they would tell me I look great! Have I lost weight? I would then tell them about all the running I had done and the amount of weight I had lost.

Fast forward through football tailgate season, Thanksgiving, and now into December.... I do not hear it at all anymore. Was it a motivation factor to have people tell me how great I look? Yes! It is now a little depressing to step on the scale after working so hard for so many months earlier this year to be back about where I was at when I decided a life change was needed.

I am feeling the will power and the motivation kicking in and I am going to get back down to where I was at and more. My goal this time is to break 200 lbs. That was my goal last time, but I never did make it. I got down to 203, but never broke what I was shooting for.

I think it is true that this has to be a life change and not just simply a diet. I think earlier this year when I did it, I did make it a life change. I used MyFitnessPal to track my food, exercise, and weight. I will be doing so again in January. I also plan to cut out beer, wine, etc., completely for at least the first month. After a month, I will only reward myself occasionally and not in excess. Having a beer or a glass of wine should be a reward and not the norm for hard work and losing weight.

Some might wonder why I am making January 2 my start date instead of Jan 1. Well, I know there is food and drink I will be enjoying on January 1, so I set the second as my official go live date for my life style change to kick in. I am really looking forward to it and it is everything I can do to NOT start it today.

I plan to involve weights more into my routine too along with good eating and of course jogging. I will also be looking for 5K opportunities as that gives me something to train for and compete in which helps to motivate me... Plus, I enjoy running in the 5K events.

Well, I wanted to get a few thoughts down on this Saturday morning as I was thinking about them while getting ready this morning. A hing of depression at how much weight I have gained back, but I know I opened that up by saying I would eat/drink whatever I wanted the past few months. Now, it is time to turn that around and get back into shape!

OK, so my "brief update" turned into a bit longer of a post....

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