Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Long Time...

Ok, I must say it has been a long time since my last post. Once again! Where does the time go? Well, I know, but I think it is primarily just me not wanting to post anything event though I think about it from time-to-time. I keep saying I am going to get back into the swing of posting on a regular basis and then I keep letting weeks slip by without posting anything.

Ah well, that is the life of a blog..... The holidays were great! I always love the time between Christmas and New Years as I get that whole week off. It was almost ten days this year. No, I did not do a lot during that time except for watch movies, stay up late, and have a few beers.

The Spring semester started with not a lot of problems. For the most part, it was one of the better starts to a Spring semester. We are coming up on a month away from Spring Break which is hard to believe.

Lately, I have taken up reading. Carrie won a Kindle at her work and I have been using it a lot. I love it! I finished "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown and now I am reading Michael J Fox's book which I am almost done with... after which I have a list of books on my save list at the library on-line section. Too cool! I have also downloaded a on-line book from the Topeka Public Library connection and I listen to it on my Blackberry over the weekends.

Well, tonight I find myself watching the Duke vs North Carolina game. It is a lot closer than what I was expecting from UNC from their last few games. However, I guess you could see it coming with them playing tonight at UNC. Good game!

The Kansas Jayhawks are going strong once again this year! They are undefeated in the Big Twelve and they are fun to watch. They play again on Saturday and then again on Monday. There are only four more home games which is crazy... again, we are almost to March Madness.

Well, I am going to finish watching the end of the game and hopefully I will be posting again soon. Until then, happy trails...