Sunday, December 05, 2021

Follow up on Thanksgiving Day Turkey Breast Cooking Plus Oliver Not Feeling Great During the Holiday

Turkey Breasts Prepped and on the Grill

For Thanksgiving this year, we did turkey breasts on the grill. We decided not to do fully turkey, but only the breasts. We did salt, pepper, some other seasoning, and then butter over the top. We were debating on whether to put them breast up or down. We thought we had them breast up as we thought they would cook better that way, but then after I posted the picture to the left on Twitter, a friend commented how they were breast down. Possibly thinking they were whole turkeys, but I am sure they were breast up. 

I cooked them on indirect heat using the convEGGtor at 325 degrees sitting on a rack. The turkey breasts were around 7 lbs, so we figured it would be about two hours to cook. Got the rest of it set up and going without too much trouble and let them sit in the BGE cooking away while we got ready for the day.

Turkey Breasts Done on BGE for Thanksgiving 2021

After a little over two hours, they were looking really good. I rotated them a few times to get even cook throughout. Using thermometer that I monitor remotely with my Apple Watch and iPhone, I was able to watch their progression to completion while watching parades and getting ready for the day. I have to say, these two turkey breasts probably turned out the best I have ever done in terms of appearance for how they look. Nice golden brown overall which I have not had happen with previous turkey cooks regardless of whether they were whole turkeys or just the turkey breasts. I believe this is the second year in a row where we did turkey breasts and these turned out really good in appearance.

Finished Turkey Breast Preparing for Carving
I did have some issues having them cook evenly which is why I was rotating them to move the one in front to the back and then later reversed. The internal temp was high for one bird or in one part, but not to the target temp of 165 in another portion. So, I probably left them on a bit long which meant they were a little dry, but that is what gravy is for to help with dryness. 

We have one turkey breast remaining which we will do one weekend as a treat. It is back in the freezer waiting for the next time we cook and do some favorites of Thanksgiving Day food.

Little Oliver Helping me with Thanksgiving Day Cooking on the BGE
I did have my little dog, Oliver, out helping me with the cooking. He was not feeling well the days leading up to Thanksgiving and then he got a little worse going into the weekend from that Thursday. In fact, we were planning to take him to the vet first thing Monday morning to have him checked over. In the picture to the right, this is Oliver enjoying the sun, but you can see he is not feeling the best. I think on Thanksgiving Day he was not eating and not a lot of energy.

As we went into Saturday and Sunday, he went over 24 hours without eating anything. We had tried doing this to him the Tuesday or Wednesday of that week, but he did this on his own. It helped and by Saturday/Sunday he was back to himself. He was eating, running around the house, and not having any issues. We were so happy to have our Oliver back to "normal". We decided we would play it by ear for the vet Monday morning and he was doing great, so we did not take him into see the vet. He has been good ever since which we are grateful happened.

Overall, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving. The weather was beautiful, ate a lot of wonderful food, and we had a good day talking with family. Plus there was sports, so that was fun too!


  1. As a professionally trained turkey eater, I am appalled that I was not given any samples to determine if this was, indeed, awesome.

    1. LOL... Next time! I love it all for this holiday. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, etc. So good and the leftovers are just as rewarding.


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