Thursday, May 25, 2006

Spin into Summer

I seem to be spinning as we enter the summer months and have partially moved to Topeka. It is interesting and crazy times as we prepare our Lawrence house for the closing on June 8. We had a lot of fun in the Lawrence house over the last four years... hard to believe. I can still remember many parties and good times in that house. It will definitely be worth it to remember that house and take it in my memories and pictures for the future.

Along with the new house also comes more work to be done around the house. So far the motivation factor has not been there and so boxes are not being unboxed, flower bed has weeds, the usual. I can tell you that it is much better to not have to commute an hour (total) each day. Instead it takes me about five minutes to get to work. Carrie drops me off on her way to work and picks me up on the way home. Granted getting use to not having a car and not being able to go out at lunch to run errands is taking a little getting use to... but not having to drive back and forth to Lawrence is great!

It is almost June and the summer will be half-over before we know it. I was remembering the other day how last year in June we drove to New Mexico and what a great time it was there. If you ever have the chance to go to New Mexico ... jump on it and go! Great and beautiful place!

Work is still challenging and fun. It keeps me thinking each day I am there on my feet and constantly challenges me for the better. I am interested to see where our new director (who is great BTW) takes us with his vision and business sense. I know it will be great places...

Well, I wanted to post something on here before May ended. My goal is to try and post at least once a month... possibly more if something is bothering me... I have not had a chance to listen to much music lately, but I will start posting my music blogs again soon.

Outta here...