Friday, March 25, 2011

No Grilling Yet... Odd Weather!

No, I have not done any grilling yet. I have some recipes and I am ready to go, but the weather here in Kansas has not been very good. Cold, rainy, and not very good to be outside. I do plan on taking some ideas I gathered from the status replies I received from FaceBook (see Grilling Ideas) and using them once it warms up.

The weather through the weekend does not look good at all! Rainy and cold! I am so ready for Spring to continue what it had started a few weeks ago. We did see some nice weather for a few days.... Some days I should have found time to get out to play golf, but as it were, the NCAA tourney was in session and I wanted to watch basketball.

The grilling will begin and I think it will be soon! Along with it, I do plan on starting my golf game too. More on that in another post....

Now, back to watching the Kentucky vs. Ohio State NCAA basketball game. KU already advanced to the Elite Eight.

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