Thursday, May 13, 2010

Faculty/Staff Golf Tourney Followup...

Well, the faculty/staff golf tourney finished up some two weeks ago or so. We had a great time! This time, however, we did not have any pictures or video. We had a lot of fun and I am already looking forward to next year (Fall). Of course, we drank a lot and then went to Henry T's afterwards to meet up. None of us won anything. I think we might have come in last (or close to it). We had a great time though.

I played really well for this tournament. Probably the best I have played ever in any of the faculty/staff tournaments. I hit one of my best shots on hole number four (par 3). However, horrible putting kept us out of any chance to win anything. We constantly two putted the entire day.

I am now in the midst of playing as much golf as I can get in each week. Currently, that is not a lot, but I do get out at least twice a week. I play Wednesday nights, for men's league, and then either Tuesday or Thursdays. I am also going to start playing either Saturday or Sundays trying to get in at least 18 holes on the weekends. I love the game and I am having a blast at it! I can see improvement in my game from just last years play. I consistently get to the green with a chance of a birdie or a par. However, putting needs to improve as it keeps me at bogey or double bogey. I recall hole three at Shawnee Country Club where it is a par 5. I made it to the green in three and had a chance for birdie. Instead, I ended up with bogey after a two putt. Crazy!

Well, it had been a while since my last post, so I figured I better throw something out here. Sorry there are not any pictures from the faculty/staff tournament. Maybe next time!