Saturday, May 22, 2021

Weekend Ramblings as the End of May Fast Approaches

It is hard to believe that this is the last full week of May. Have to be careful not to blink or summer will be over before we know it. The end of May certainly has brought a lot of rain to the area and the outlook for more rain the next week too. With all the rain brought to light the fact that I need to get out and clean some gutters. We do have protectors on our gutters, but the back and the front gutters were overflowing with water during the heavy rain we received Thursday night. I am hopeful to get in gutter cleaning before the next big rain.

Carrie and I are searching out camping sites for future camping weekends. We have our eyes on a few locations and continue to review various camping gear that we want to buy for our camping adventures. We loved the first adventure so much, we cannot wait to go again. As we look at upcoming dates, we review the weather and hope to have nice weather for our second adventure. We are event talking about camping in September for our wedding anniversary and making plans to do so in Arkansas possibly. Nothing confirmed for September, but we are reviewing options and will be making a plan soon.

A lazy weekend for me around the house Saturday and I hope to do some work Sunday as I mentioned earlier. The Royals game is currently in a rain delay as I write this Saturday afternoon, but hoping they can get the game in and get a much needed win.

Until next time, have a great week and talk to you again next Sunday.


  1. I got the yard work done, gutters cleaned, and even did some tree removal throughout the back yard where new trees were popping up everywhere.

  2. Hi, John. This blog is really cool - thanks for sharing a piece of your life. I've always wanted to start a blog but have not done a whole lot. Would you happen to have any suggestions for me in terms of restarting blogging?

    1. Thanks for the comments. It is a fun process. As you can see, I have gone through years where I did not blog at all and then others where I blogged a lot. I have made a plan to blog at least one post each Sunday which has helped. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with something to discuss, but so far I have not had an issue.

      I would suggest finding a blog site you want to use. Wordpress is popular and I had selected Blogger for my site. For a while, I was part of Twitter discussions that would discuss blogging, how to start, and how to gain audience. I should probably join those Twitter chats again as they were very interesting, but were a good step in my process.

      Obviously, I post as I hope people will find it interesting, check back for future updates, and comment or interact with me on the blog too. I think to start, coming up with a theme of what you want to discuss and then setting a day to plan to blog. Deciding whether it will be a weekly blog post, monthly, or whenever something interesting comes to mind. Going back to the Twitter discussions I had with other bloggers, the key was having a standard schedule so visitors to your blog knew when to expect posts which helps drive traffic.

      Long winded reply to your comment. Thanks again for stopping by, reading, and posting a comment. I would be happy to discuss with you further. My Twitter ID is havertyj if you would like to connect and discuss.


    2. Thanks, John! Your feedback is very helpful! I started another blog some time ago on WordPress where I was going to talk about teaching. I think I might go back and check that out. I really like the idea of scheduling a regular post. I think I already follow you on Twitter. My handle is zzmmcgui - not the most recognizable unless you started at Washburn when we used the "zz" for our email addresses.


    3. Michael,

      After I responded yesterday, I realized it was you that had replied. Thank you! Yes, having a day that I plan to post each week helps a lot. I used to rely on my remembering to post and then months would go by without anything. I will chat with you on Twitter as we are connected. Let me know when you get your blog site going and I will subscribe.



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