Monday, January 11, 2016

OneDrive for Business Next Gen Sync Client for Personal and Business Accounts

I signed up for a beta test a little over a two months ago to test the new OneDrive Sync tool.  It had worked well where I was primarily using it on my work computer.  The beta was to test new processes for the OneDrive sync as well as finally make it available for the Mac OS too.  During the beta period, I did not have a chance to try it on my MacBook Air where I am limited on local file space.  

As of today, the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client is now available.  It is available for PC or Mac.  Just as it did during my testing, it allows to sync everything or only certain folders.  Since I installed the new client on my work computer, I did not have any problems with file syncs.  Unlike the old OneDrive for Business client where it would often fail and I would have to re-sync everything, this new client seems to have resolved that issue.

The new client allows me to specify what folders are synced for both PC and Mac versions.  Extremely handy if I want to only sync certain folders to be able to work on files at home.  I have only installed the Mac version as of this evening, so after I run it for a few days I will post another update.  I am happy to see an improved OneDrive client that will work between multiple environments.

Windows installation directions available at
Mac installation directions available at

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