Sunday, October 02, 2022

Book Reading and Attending Author Speaking at Public Library... So fun! Enjoying My Time Reading Each Day...

My goal for 2022 was to read at least 20 books for the year. Well over the half-way point, I think I am going to exceed the 20 book count. I have read my Kindle every day since before January 1, 2022, so I have a nice long streak going of reading. I typically read over the noon hour after eating lunch and at home with Carrie and Oliver. My other regular time to read is while in bed and getting ready to go to sleep. No matter the time, what we are doing, or where we are at, I have made time to read at least once a day.

The Kindle app tracks days I read, how many books I have read, etc., so I like that part of using the Kindle device and Kindle app on my phone. Carrie told me a trick that when I have a book checked out from the library, if I put my Kindle in airplane mode, I can continue reading the book past when it is "due" back to the library. It takes me longer to read than others, but I have made progress, yet I find that Kindle app is currently showing the last time I read was on August 14. Once I finish my current book it will all sync up and show a streak again going back to before January 1.

The latest series I am reading is by C. J. Box which was a recommendation from the late Rick Ellis who worked with Carrie in Learning in the Community (LinC). I am almost done with the third book in the Joe Pickett series. I have enjoyed the books so far and there are over twenty in this series, so I should have something to read for a while.

Joe Pickett is a game warden in the north and a basic average guy who is trying to do the right thing. Protecting the land and the people he loves. The story line is good and believable which keeps me going back to see what happens next.

Carrie had heard that C. J. Box was going to be speaking at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library this past Tuesday. We got tickets (it was free) and went to hear C. J. Box talk. The place was packed and it is possible Carrie and I were some of the youngest in the audience, but we had a great time. C. J. Box talked for about an hour about various pieces of his book and television shows which recently launched. 

We saw our friend, Autumn, at the event too although she works there, she was excited to hear C. J. Box talk that evening too. Neither Carrie, or Autumn, have read any of the books, but I know Carrie plans to read some of his books. I think my Mom is going to read some of his books too as I told her about the event and how I am enjoying the series.

I am having fun reading and finding new series to read. I have done a few of a book club books and those were good, but I also like to start a series to read the whole thing. I am always interested to hear what books others are ready or what they recommend for me. Carrie has provided me some good books over the years to read.

Enjoy whatever book you are reading...

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