Sunday, October 09, 2022

My Exercise Stats from September Were Up Slightly and Feeling Good

Monthly Stats for SeptemberI made it through September and had one more day of exercise than I did compared to the prior month. So, that feels good. It helped that I was able to get one week of four workouts in the week which helped to give me the extra day of exercise. I was hoping to have more weeks with the four workout days, but September turned out to be a difficult month to get those quality days into my workout.

I also went for two weeks in September where I gained weight, so that was not motivating. As I mentioned, this is due to football games, tailgates, and not sticking to my meal plan for those weeks. I am happy to report that as of last weekend I had a week where I lost weight again and I have lost almost 15 pounds thus far which feels great!

More Data from Monthly Stats for September

I was up for total workouts, minutes, and calories burned all looking good from September stats. I was down in miles traveled during September though which I account for not working out the 12 - 18 and 26 - 30 dates. Overall, I am happy with my numbers from workouts for September. 

I told Carrie that I am enjoying my runs Saturday mornings, so I am thinking I am going to join the gym again at work just to have it as a backup in case the weather is bad and I need to run. Granted, I only plan on running one day a week, but it might also be nice to have the gym as a backup if I do not feel like riding the bike at home.

Short update for this week. I hope you have a great week!

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