Sunday, October 18, 2020

Saturday Night Live, Jim Carrey, Weekend update, and Other Discussion

Saturday Night Live has been on the air since 1975. During that time they have had a number of performers doing their skits with focus on whatever is happening currently in the news, the United States, or the world. The last four years, we have seen a lot of Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump to open the show. The majority of the times when Alec Baldwin opened the show, they were funny skits that made me laugh.

For the 2020-2021 season, we have Jim Carrey playing Joe Biden to open the show which has happened each of the first three episodes. Normally, I like Jim Carrey when he has played roles on SNL, his movies, or even his latest TV show Kidding on Showtime, but so far, I have not enjoyed the opening to the show each of the three times. They were not funny and wonder if someone else could have played Joe Biden instead. The best person to play Joe Biden was Jason Sudeikis, but I have to wonder if they asked him and he was not available.

I certainly watched SNL when I was growing up and through the years. I have gone through stretches where I did not care for the cast, the skits, and did not watch but maybe clips. The past few years, I have been watching the whole thing. Again, sometimes the skits are not funny at all, dumb, or they put in death into the skit which always seemed odd. 

My favorite part of SNL is Weekend Update. Colin Jost and Michael Che are perfect! I enjoy their back-and-forth and their jokes almost always get a laugh out of me. I love how they are always trying to throw the other cast member under the bus with comments about how the other one made a comments about something inappropriate. 

For whatever it is worth, I will continue to watch SNL, likely not laughing at the opening skit, but always looking forward to Weekend Update.


  1. I didn't think anyone in Kansas watched SNL ;) I too have enjoyed watching the show for many years and agree it's had its ups and downs. Jim Carrey would not have been my choice to play Biden either but I think he captures his essence, especially with the stares. Still enjoying the show and how it manages to make us laugh about no laughing matters.

    1. Stefan,

      How are you doing? Wow! Long time. Yeah, we love SNL with ups and downs. I agree, Jim Carrey captures the essence of Biden with stares, when wearing the glasses, etc., but none of that really makes me laugh. Always good to laugh in these trying times.

      I will follow up on LinkedIn to connect further with you. I saw you liked my SNL post on there too. Thank you for that and commenting here.


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