Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness and Other Discussions....

I love this time of year! It is one of my favorite times of year since probably grade school. I remember writing papers during Spring Break in junior high and high school with basketball games playing. What a start to the NCAA tourney! K-State and Kansas both play tonight and it should be a lot of fun!

This year I took off Thursday and Friday to watch basketball. It was worth it! My sister, Dina, takes off two whole weeks during this time of year. I would love to do so, but I can probably only afford to be off work for the two or so days; I will probably plan on doing the same thing next year because this was great!

I was able to watch three games at once and then follow the score of the forth game in real-time via ESPN Insider. It was awesome! There is a lot more work to do for the Kansas Jayhawks! They started out flat in the game Thursday night and then woke up in the second half. They cannot afford to do that again if they want to win the national championship.

Well, it has once again been a while since I posted anything. Geez, I was going to try and do so much better. This is not one of the things that jumps in my head each time I sit down on the computer. Well, a post every two to three months will work for me.

I know I need to redo the forums here on Haverty.NET as they stopped working after my hosting company made some changes. Again, not a priority, so I have not gotten back to correcting the problem or adding a new forum.

If you have not tried Google Reader, do so now! It is available at and it is awesome! It is a RSS (or feed) reader, but it can also track standard web pages for changes. It definitely makes checking my feeds a lot easier and I can also access the feeds via my Blackberry. Check it out!

Well, we are getting ready to go do some grocery shopping, so I better sign off. It is a winter wonder land outside today after we got a blanket of snow. More is on the way.... This is the first day of Spring and we got about six inches of snow. More is on the way, but hopefully not a lot.

Have a great weekend and I will to you the next time!

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