Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Upgrading a Ticket Tracking System

About two weeks ago we upgraded our production ticket tracking system to Numara FootPrints 9.0.3. We had tested for weeks and thought we had the process down. Well, I have spent the past two weeks trying to fix problems with the upgrades. Luckily our tickets to/from our customers are working fine and it is only with "other" projects. It has caused some interesting problems with projects not working, but I am gradually getting the projects restored.

I have one on going ticket with Numara on the upgrade... it started with the initial ticket about projects not showing up. It has evolved to a whole list of other problems that keep coming up. We are gradually getting through the problems, but it is taking some time. A lot more time than I was anticipating on the whole upgrade process. It is fine, but it is taking focus away from other tasks and projects that I need to complete.

Overall, it has not been a bad process. I think we caused the problems partially ourselves. We waited for years to upgrade to the current FootPrints version which caused migration issues with the database and the data. We will get through the steps and resolve the issues... it will simply take some time.

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