Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Big 12 Team Left... Baylor

Kansas State lost leaving one last Big 12 team to make it to the Final Four. Baylor plays Sunday and it should be a good game. K-State lost to Butler today and it was a tough loss. Once again, there were Kansas fans cheering for Kansas State which still seems just right to me.

Kansas State started off sluggish in the game today against Butler. They were not hitting the jumpers or even the free throws to start the game. The picked things back up after the half, but then found themselves down again mid-way through the second half. The last minute and half of the game it appeared as though Kansas State did not want to play basketball. Throwing the ball away and not focusing on what needed to be accomplished. Tough loss for the Wild Cats and I was hoping for two Big 12 teams in the Final Four.

Having two teams in the Final Four would have noted the Big 12 as a force to be reckoned. A team from the North (Kansas State) and a team from the South (Baylor). The number overall seed of the tournament (Kansas)... granted, they loss to a higher seed in the second round... but there were a number of Big 12 teams in the tournament and two advanced far. I would have loved to have seen two teams in the Final Four from the Big 12 to show those commentators what we are all about. Basketball!

Well, now that Baylor is the only team left from the Big 12 left, if they lose, I will not really care what happens for the other remaining teams. I am not f a fan of Kentucky... I am not a fan of Western Virginia... Butler, well, good job on beating K-State, but I really do not care if they win the whole thing at this point.

It has been a fun and wild NCAA Tournament. Wow! Major upsets (i.e. Kansas Jayhawks), multiple over-time games with a few double OT games thrown in for good measure. I would not even think of changing the layout of the tourney because this is what makes this time of year great!

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