Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tough Saturday Night for Jayhawk Fans

A difficult Saturday night for Kansas Jayhawk basketball fans yesterday. We watched the Jayhawks struggle the entire game against North Iowa. We started off sluggish and never caught up with what they were doing. When we had the chance to tie, we let them take a three point shot that they nailed. They UNI played their game and did not get intimated by the University of Kansas. Good job University of Northern Iowa!

Last night following the game I continued to follow Twitter comments while I watched the Kansas State game. It still surprises me how KState fans seem to rejoice when Kansas fails. What causes them to feel this way? Shouldn't we rejoice when Kansas schools do well unless they are playing one another? Shouldn't we pull for one another or if nothing else pull for other Big 12 schools? Well, apparently not if you are a Kansas State fan! You cannot understand why there should be a need to cheer for Kansas.... I guess it is a jealous behavior from KSU fans.

Well, I woke this morning thinking that it all had been a dream. It was not a dream! Whenever Kansas fails early in the NCAA tourney, it always brings back a flood of memories from when I was a kid. Going back to the Larry Brown era when we would lose early and I would get upset and go out and shoot baskets for hours on end. Going through what could have been or where we should have been.

Today I was left with not shooting baskets, but instead lounging around the house. I read some, watched television, and played on the Internet. I did not do much at all. I am watching the NCAA games from today.... currently watching Texas A&M have a battle with Purdue.

I know that I will continue to cheer for Kansas State and any other Big 12 team in the next rounds. I love this time of year and having MY team knocked out early will not change that love. Having my team knocked out early will not make me angry at the other Big 12 teams just because they are still in the tournament. I am proud of the season that the Kansas Jayhawks had this year and I look forward to next year. Another run at the title and another Bill Self basketball team!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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