Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kansas City Royals Baseball... Can you Feel the Excitement?

Although it does not feel like it, baseball season is right around the corner. The Kansas City Royals had their first Spring training game of the season today. This has to make it feel warmer where ever you are at knowing that the Royals are taking the field.

I find myself once again excited for the season to start. To be able to go out to the ball park in the middle of the Summer and sweat. Last year I only made it to one game and it was the second game of the season. We froze at that game and the Royals lost the game. Not surprising seeing how their season finished up last year (69-93). OK, so last year they did not lose the 100 games that had been lost the previous three seasons, but still it was a miserable season.

In 2008, the Kansas City Royals have a new manager. Trey Hillman, who comes to the Royals from Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan, has no MLB experience. This will be his first true test in the majors. However, he proved himself in Japan winning titles and taking the Nippon Ham Fighters to the post-season. Will the same continue for Mr. Hillman in Kansas City? We will have to wait to see what happens.

Today, Kansas City lost the game today 1 - 6. Ouch! Tough opening Spring Training game, but what do you expect when Grudzielanek and Guillen did not play. Grud not expected to attend his first spring training game until March 8. Still, I find myself being excited for baseball season to inch closer and closer.


  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    HaverBlog is great!! It's interesting each day to see what you have written!

  2. Thank you for the comment. It is fun to post about random events. Although, it is starting to become a sports blog, but other day events get in there too. Thanks for reading the blog!


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