Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kansas State Loss to Nebraska Corn Huskers... Beasley and Thoughts

There is no doubt that Michael Beasley of Kansas State is a great freshman and that he has done wonders for the Kansas State team. However, you must admit that the guy is a little into himself. Pre-game, it is not obvious who he is speaking to, but ESPN caught him talking to someone that "tonight was going to be a good night" and that he was going to score 50 points. This after coming off 40 points again Missouri last weekend. Come on now, he is good, but not that good to be predicting how many points he is going to score.

Well, Beasley ended up scoring 17 points on the night and getting his twenty-two double-double to tie Carmelo Anthony for the most double-doubles for a freshman. K-State still has five games left in their season. That is a great stat and certainly something for Beasley and company to hang their hat upon.

Still, it takes me back to Beasley commenting before the game that "it was going to be a great night" and that he was going to score 50 points. This from the same guy that said he would beat Kansas at "... home .... their house ... or beat them in Africa" (see post from January 30 titled Wednesday Night Woes for Kansas... Huge Win for Kansas State!). He tends to make some huge statements and so far has not been able to live up to the 50 point statement; the other statements, well, it is too early to tell on those statements. I am still waiting for March 1 to see what happens at Kansas.

Tonight in the loss to Nebraska, I could see freshman characteristics stepping on the floor. Walker who seems to always cry at every foul set things off and Beasley was not far behind crying over a foul he received. Walkers' technical was just plain silly because he has already scored the basket. This had Walker sitting on the bench for almost the remainder of the game with four fouls.

Believe it or not, but I was pulling for Kansas State in this game. I want there to be no excuses when K-State plays Kansas on March 1.

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