Monday, February 04, 2008

Bad Weekend for K-State Too

Kansas State did not have a good weekend of basketball either. I was able to watch the first half of the game and grew concerned when Michael Beasley went out of the game for a few minutes with a bad ankle. He came back into the game later in the second half which I was relieved to see. Now you might be wondering why I would care if Beasley is out of the game. Well, the reason is simple. When March comes I want Kansas State to be a full force so there are no excuses when they play Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse. I want all the players present and no excuses.

This does lead me to another thought that I have discussed with Kansas fans and Kansas State fans a like. I find it interesting how it seems that Kansas State fans want KU to lose no matter what. Whether we are playing another Big Twelve school or out of our conference. They simply want Kansas to lose. Why is it that KSU fans have this mentality? When Kansas State plays other non-Big Twelve teams I pull for Kansas State. Overall, it helps all Big Twelve schools if all Big Twelve teams succeed. This includes Missouri! The one team I dislike in all of the Big Twelve is Missouri. However, I still cheer for them when they are playing a non-Big Twelve team. In talking to other fans I do not hear this from them when those fans follow other teams from Kansas State.

I know parents, friends, and general posting I read on boards where Kansas State fans simply want Kansas to fail. No matter what sport and no matter who they are playing. It makes me wonder why there is so much hatred toward Kansas from Kansas State fans.

OK, so I am generalizing and this obviously does not cover every KSU fan out there. I know that the majority that I have talked to this has been their mentality towards Kansas.

For that, I say go Kansas State and get into the NCAA Tourney!

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