Sunday, August 21, 2022

Started Weight Watchers on August 14 and Finishing One Week… Feeling Good and Ready to Keep Going!

I have officially started Weight Watchers. I started last Sunday, so I am finishing up my first week watching what I eat. I have enjoyed the process so far as I use the app to count points and track what I eat. It is all done on-line now and no need to go into the physical location. This is my first time trying Weight Watchers, or really any type of weight management program, so I am excited to see how it works. 

Tomorrow marks my first weigh-in since starting last week. It was a descent start to the program although on Monday, I used up all of my daily points and tapped into weekly points. Friday night was also not a good night for me as I ate more than my daily points, had a few glasses of wine, and a delicious peach cobbler to celebrate Greg’s birthday. I am not expecting to lose a lot of weight this first week, but I do feel really good! It is amazing how much better I feel when eating well, not drinking (as much) alcohol and I am excited to be doing this program.

I have been staying on my bike this week and I am feeling good when I ride. I rode last Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I plan to start the new week riding on Sunday too. I know I have said it a few times the past few months, but I still want to get some jogging in at least once a week before it gets cold. I keep thinking I will start it up on a Saturday, but so far it has not started.

A little more about my experience with Weight Watchers and the app… Easy to use. I can search for foods, or I like it best when I can scan and have it added. I have free foods which include popcorn, fruits, eggs, and poultry. Even though I have items that are free, I have been entering them to track what I am eating. The app works well although it would be nice if I could copy foods from one day to the current day. It seems like this would be an easy process, but the times I have tried to do this step, it moves the food from the day it was entered to the current day instead. I did find that I can connect with others through the app although not sure what it does exactly. I thought maybe I could encourage others, or they could encourage me, but so far it only appears to show anything if a post is written and shared. Still working through the app and what options are available.

We are approaching tailgate season, so I hope to stay on track even when tailgating this fall for Washburn football. Ready to cheer on the Ichabods and do some tailgating now that we have a tailgate parking spot. Excited to get out there for the first game which is September 1.

Watch for future updates on my Weight Watchers status and hoping to have some updates about jogging soon too.

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