Sunday, November 28, 2021

Attending Arkansas Game in Kansas City T-Mobile Center Tuesday Night and Even Watched some KSU Basketball that Night Too

Holiday Classic in Kansas City... Picture of Kansas State vs. Illinois
T-Mobile Center Holiday Classic
Kansas State vs. Illinois

This past Tuesday, I had the chance to go to the Hall of Fame Classic in Kansas City. Eddie knew that the Arkansas Razorbacks were playing in the tournament and wanted to go watch them if the Hogs could make it to the championship game on Tuesday night. On Monday night, Arkansas played the Kansas State Wildcats. The Hogs were able to advance to the championship game Tuesday night with a victory over the Wildcats. So, he got us tickets and we were set for the Tuesday night games.

This would be my first time at the T-Mobile Center (formally the "Sprint Center") and it did not disappoint. It is a fun environment and while there were not a lot of fans in attendance to the games, the space seems like it would have no issues handling the crowds. Even the parking was pretty simple. I had been to the College Basketball Experience many years ago, but I had never been in the T-Mobile Center. So, I was excited to have the opportunity to go to the game. We got into Kansas City in time to see a little bit of the first half of the KSU vs. Ill game.

On the way to Kansas City for the game, we called T-Bo to let him know we were going to see his Hogs. There was some woo pig sooie said a few times during the call. Our seats were great as the pictures show although as Greg said, I am not sure there is a bad seat in the house. They did not have the upper tier open for public seating, but there were a lot of open seats. The Arkansas crowd was strong with chants, cheering, and yelling during the game. I know Arkansas travels well, so it was fun to see them at the game. We connected with some Arkansas fans that were around us which was fun. The couple in front of us had a  daughter attending Arkansas but they were from Kansas City. The couple in back of us I believe were also from Arkansas but living in KC area.

We were able to watch a fun game. Neither team started off great, but it went down to the wire which made it fun. Cincinnati played a tough game.

Holiday Classic in Kansas City with Arkansas vs. Connecticuit
T-Mobile Center Holiday Classic
Cincinnati vs. Arkansas

Fun night in Kansas City. Although, we did not get anything to eat at the game. Waffle House was mentioned at some point, so we tried to go there on our way home, but it was take out only. What? For Waffles? No thanks. So, we ended up not eating anything, but had a great time. We saw a good game, the Hogs won, and we made some good memories. 

It was a good way to lead into the holiday weekend and to be able to participate in Feast Week of Tournaments. Such a fun time of year and some really good games. 

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