Sunday, December 12, 2021

Fun Weekend Spent at Zona Rosa Shopping, Eating, and Having Fun Preparing for Christmas

We did something new this year by spending the evening in Kansas City this past Friday night. We ate dinner, had fun, and then on Saturday, we went shopping. This is our annual time to buy gifts, maybe a road trip, and then finding within a set budget to buy gifts for Greg and Erin. We mix it up where one year we had to buy our gifts from a certain amount at a certain store. Another year we decided candy would be the gift we would give one another (we had a lot of candy that year). One of my favorites was we decided we would get gifts for one another from the PX Store at Fort Riley and again keeping a small budget, we had to get all of our gifts for one another from the PX. It was so fun!

I took off work on Friday so we could get into Kansas City in the early afternoon. We went straight to Duluth Trading Company in Kansas City. I have been wearing Duluth Trading Co. underpants for a number of years and this was our first time to visit the store. Trying out some new items to wear and we bought Carrie a new winter coat while we were there. 

We then had to make a stop at Bass Pro Shop as some of us had never been there or it had been a long time since we had been to one of their stores. We looked at camping items and tested out some nice chairs they had we could certainly use for camping. We ended up buying candy. In fact, we got some mints that Brenda had told us about that she said she cannot stop eating. Now I am hooked on them and probably going to finish off the bag.

Before heading to the hotel, we decided we should get some apps for a late lunch. We headed to 54th Street Grill & Bar. First time we had been there and it was really good. The bar tender must have had a long day as he was not very talkative, or friendly, but the food was really good. We each got a few apps and it was so much food, we were afraid we would not be able to eat later that night for our 7 pm reservations. 

Deciding it was time to head to the hotel, we got to the hotel to have a few drinks, one of us took a nap, and prepared for the evening. For dinner Friday night, we had made reservations for Cascone’s Italian Restaurant. It was packed and even though we had reservations, we had to wait. It was fun people watching as we waited.

The drinks were really good. I had one of their specials and then Sangria before we ordered a bottle of wine to share with the table. The apps were good here too. For dinner, I got Lobster Ravioli and it was delicious! Finally, to finish off the evening, we each got desserts. Yes, this is after I said earlier we were not sure following apps earlier in the afternoon if we would be hungry for dinner, well, we were hungry and no sign we had any issues other than a few did not finish their dinner or dessert. But it was worth it! I got a cannoli for my dessert which was perfect as it was small and easy to eat.

Following dinner, we went back to the hotel where we played games and stayed up to about midnight. Decided it was time to head to bed as we had a long day planned for Saturday with shopping.

Saturday was a fun day! We were in Kansas City to visit Zona Rosa for shopping. Each person had selected three stores they would want to have Christmas gifts from that the other couple would be selecting. With a limit of $50 (approximately) total gifts could be purchased from the three stores selected or all from one of the stores. Whatever worked out best during the search. 

I had been to Zona Rosa in the past, but never spent the day there. Carrie and I had been there a few times to eat at an Indian restaurant, but never spent the day. It was a fun day and the weather was perfect! 

Following shopping, we went to Brew Top Pub and Patio where we had a late lunch, a few drinks, and watch the Missouri vs. Kansas game (KU dominated). Following the late lunch, we headed back home.

A short two day trip, but it was so fun. I spent most of Sunday catching up on sleep and watching football. I realized as I was preparing to write about our shopping weekend that I did not take any pictures of our trip. I had planned to take pictures of at least our food or of us out and about, but no, I did not take any pictures.

Oliver and I spent most of Sunday sleeping as we were both exhausted. Oliver spent Friday night at my Mom’s and Dina came over to spend the night too. So I know they had fun!

Until next time, have a great week and I will talk to you later.

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