Sunday, October 31, 2021

Our Second Trip to Eisenhower State Park Was So Fun… We Want to Do It Again and Soon!

Carrie and I at the Start of Our Camping Trip
We want to go camping again! We went on our recent camping trip to Melvern Lake in Lebo, KS. We were planning to take our little dog, Oliver, but as the days approached, he was not doing great, so we decided to leave him behind. In hindsight, it was best that we did as the first night was chilly and then our last night camping it poured down rain with a lot of lightening and thunder; Oliver would have freaked out and not had anywhere to go within the tent, so it is best he did not go.

We went out mid-afternoon on Thursday, October 21. Greg and Erin were meeting us after Erin finished with work, so Carrie and I got the tent set up, ready to make dinner, etc. and we were ready for the weekend. While we took some firewood as did Greg and Erin, we went through all of it the first night. 

Although it was chilly the first night, it was a perfect night. We used the Firedisc to cook supper where we made fried rice along with Bulgogi. It was our first attempt at doing fried rice let alone Bulgogi, but it was really good! We ate late and by headlamp and cell phones as the moon was not out yet when we were eating. 

The moon did come out after we finished eating and we were sitting around the fire pit. The moon had a ring around it that stuck around for a few hours while we sat and admired the moon. We tried to take pictures of the moon, but it did not give it justice to what we were seeing. It was a cold evening, so the fire felt really good. Great first night at our camp site!

Our Camp Site for the Weekend
The second day (Friday), we all slept late and so we ended up not evening doing breakfast. Joan and Eddie came out to join us for lunch and be around the fire pit. We did chili in the Firedisc which was our first time doing that with the Firedisc. Carrie had read some sites and blogs and it came out great! It was a fun afternoon/evening sitting around talking, eating, and chatting.

Breakfast Cooking on Firedisc
The third day (Saturday), we did cook breakfast and once again on the Firedisc. Potatoes, sausage, cheese, eggs, and wrapped up in a tortilla. Carrie said she would change some things on it, but I thought it was pretty dang good to start the day. We spent the day once again relaxing and playing some games. I could not have asked for a more comfortable day just chilling and not doing anything. 

Saturday night around 2 am, the storm that had been forecast hit our area. We had heavy rain, lightening, thunder, and strong winds. The storms woke me up as the tent was going back and forth. I could hear the rain pounding on the south side of the tent and a little water came in under the flap for the vent. We only had one hook come up down and it was on the south side near the vent, so a small table we had in the tent dumped contents. Overall, no major issues and then did great through the heavy storm. Another reason glad our dog, Oliver, was not with us as there would have been no where he could have gone to “get away” from the sounds.

Picture of Part of our Camp Site Late at Night in the Lights
Sunday morning was low key as we knew we had to head out. Had a light breakfast before we started picking up and getting ready to head out. 

We love this spot as it was our second visit to this same camp site (see Melvern Lake). We plan to go back and maybe check out some other areas of the State Park for camping… but why change from a place we love?

Below is Instagram post Carrie did from our camping weekend.


Have you camped at Eisenhower State Park? Where is your favorite location to campus at this State Park or any Kansas State Park? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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