Sunday, October 03, 2021

YouTube TV May Drop Channels — Come On! Every Few Months It is a Battle! Web Site
While watching television Monday night, I see a Commerical go across my YouTube TV saying how YouTube TV might take away my channels. The advertisement directed me to to send tweets, or chat with Google, or switch providers, so that I will not lose my channels. This is crazy! Every few months, regardless of provider, we are either on the verge of losing channels or losing channels (see MLB and Sinclair post) about how YouTube TV subscribers lost Royals games, but it is not just sports, it seems we are constantly on the verge of losing what we have available to watch. It is not just YouTube TV, but I see this across the board from other providers and people ranting about how they are going to lose their channels. 

In the recent update, it sounds as though we might lose NBC channels which includes a multitude of other channels including Bravo, Golf Channel, USA, etc., so it could be a huge segment of our channels that might disappear. YouTube TV did tell us through an email that if the channels do disappear, they will reduce our monthly bill by $10 to make up for the number of channels that disappear. 

Updated note from September 30 from YouTube TV is that nothing has changed. We do still have the NBC channels, but negotiations are still in progress, so who knows what will happen.

On Saturday, we received a note that NBC and YouTube TV came to terms and we will keep NBC. Thank goodness! Still, we go through this process and it needs to stop.

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