Friday, July 19, 2019

Long Over Due for Post, Grilling, and Summer is Flying

It is sad to look back at my blog and see that I have only posted twice during 2019. One was first NCAA March Madness and the second was to displays the top three winners of the bracket for the NCAA bracket. My summer class ended and spring was rather busy with another class, so I decided it was time to try and get my site going again with some regular posts from yours truly.

Grilling on a Summer Night
I have been grilling frequently the past few months although I got out of the habit of writing about it or posting pictures. I did snap a picture on a beautiful night a week ago before it started getting hot. Grilled burgers and they turned out great!

Hard to believe that the summer is almost over. It seems the days go by faster and faster. I remember as a kid thinking the day was so boring and moved so slow. Not anymore as the days fly by not to mention the weeks, months, and years. Reminds me of my grandpa when I was young and I would tell him I was bored and the day was going so slow, he would tell me just wait until you are older. I had not idea what he meant. I think I know now but time seems to fly by at warp speed.

I hope your summer is going well and not flying by. Enjoy your summer and I hope to post on a regular basis at least until my fall class starts up again in October.

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