Saturday, June 10, 2023

I Started Working Out Again Last Sunday and I am Feeling Motivated to Keep Working Out... Plus Oliver Likes Walks!

Started Running Again... Before First Run Picture
Before First Run

After a few months away from any type of exercise, I started running again on Sunday, June 4. I had a good first walk/jog to start off the process. My plan is to exercise three times a week although not sticking to strict days, but I do plan to work out at least three days each week. So far I have only been doing the running as I completed three runs last week. The picture to the left is before my first run. I felt pretty good considering I had not run, or done any type of exercise, in a few months. I looked it up and the last time I did any type of exercise was early November.

While I felt good following the run, I did have leg cramps on Monday. Calf pain that felt like shin splints but by Monday evening, those were gone. I was ready to run again on Tuesday evening although I did not run as long this time. 

Oliver Walking After My First Day Running
Happy Oliver on a Walk

When I returned home from my first run, little Oliver was waiting at the door and whining when I came into the kitchen. Even though it had been months since I last ran, or took Oliver on a walk, he knew what I was doing and that he would be going on a walk when I returned home. He was so excited! We had a great first walk post-run, so that helps to motivate me to want to exercise and then take him on walks. Oliver remained excited the other two days that I ran too although he was not whining at me when I came back home following my run, he was waiting at the door ready to get on his collar and head out for a walk.

My plan is to run most of the time and then I also want to get back on the bike and do that some weeks instead of running. I figure it will help my legs and keep me fresh doing an alternate workout instead of running all the time. I do enjoy running and it is a good time to listen to audio books too while I run, or bike, so that will help to motivate me to exercise each week. Everything little bit of motivation helps.

I plan to update on my status at least once a month, so let this be the start to many more posts on my exercise routine. I might not always feel motivated to workout, but I sure feel good after a workout. Not to mention Oliver likes the routine and doing a walk post-workout, so I plan to keep this going and get back into the routine even when other events happen to take me away from working out.

Until next time, have a great week and I will chat with you later.

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  1. I ran this morning and had horrible shin splints. So bad that I had to cut it a bit earlier than normal. I stretched before running and again after running, but painful shin splints. Hoping to have better Wednesday when I run again.


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