Sunday, June 04, 2023

Busy Saturday with NSO, Farmers Market, Mulvane Art Fair, and then Starting Working Out Again on Sunday... Good Weekend!

Mulvane Art Fair at Washburn University
Carrie at Mulvane Art Fair

We had a busy Saturday which had us up early this morning. Carrie took part at New Student Orientation (NSO) at Washburn University. Got us up early to get coffee at Circle Coffee Co where they are starting to know our names as we are there at least once a week and sometimes multiple times in a week when Carrie has NSO to attend. Good way to start the day as I had coffee and then went to read while Carrie was working her booth for Learning in the Community (LinC). I saw a number of people that I knew and Carrie said many told her they saw someone not usually there on a Saturday hanging out.

Following NSO, we headed to pick up Greg and Erin and we went to the Downtown Topeka Farmers Market which was fun. We bought a plant for the front porch and had a fun time walking around looking at the different booths. We also picked up some breakfast at one of the booths. 

After the Farmers Market, we headed back to Washburn for the Mulvane Art Fair which was a lot of fun. Went around to each of the booths, Carrie found some ear rings, and we bought a painting. It was better weather than we thought we would have today so that was good although it was warm. We try to make it to the Mulvane Art Fair every year and we always try to buy something while we are there which usually is not difficult. Always fun to run into people we know at attending too.

Following the morning events, we decided to go have some drinks and find someplace to have lunch. We ended up in Holton, KS at Wilcox Brewing Company & Taproom where we have been previously. We had a fun time talking to the bartender and we spoke to the brewmaster briefly too while we sat at the bar. After a few beers, I got a growler to go and we went around the corner to The Cockeyed Pig Dive Bar & Grille where we had appetizers and both couples split meals.

We headed back to Topeka and had a low key rest of the afternoon which was good. What a fun Saturday that had us up early and I got in a nap during the afternoon once we got back home. Low key evening grilling some chicken and watching movies.

Sunday, the start of my routine of working out. I plan to start running on today or riding the bike which will probably be a combination of both. I want to get back to riding the bike as I have completely stopped since November 2022. Ouch! Went on vacation and never got back to the routine. It is time to start the routine and I plan to run or ride three times a week. It all starts Sunday, so I plan to update here on a monthly basis again with this being the first update that I am starting this process again. It is so easy to get out of the habit and difficult to start again. Here we go!

Have a great week and wish me luck as I start this process again...

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