Monday, June 05, 2023

Happy Birthday to Oliver! He turned 12 today.


Happy Birthday to Oliver!
Happy birthday to Oliver! He turned 12 today. It is hard to believe he is twelve years old. To read backstory of how Oliver became a part of our family twelve years ago, read the post from 2021 where he turned ten years old. Oliver has given us so many stories over the years and makes us laugh daily. He has a good personality and he knows he is the boss in our house. He knows that when Carrie and I are eating dinner that is his time to get chicken and if we forget, he throws a fit in the kitchen until we get him his chicken.

Oliver Watching Back Yard for People or Dogs
Oliver loves to sit in our back yard and watch for people or dogs so he can run to the back corner and bark at them. He is the lookout for the other neighbor dogs to alert them when something is happening. 

A short update for this morning to with our little Japanese Chin a Happy Birthday, Oliver, we love you so much! 

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