Monday, February 08, 2016

Follow up Following First Test in Piano Class

First test in the books and wait to see how I did on Wednesday.  Felt pretty good after we were done.   The first three questions on the test were playing the piano, identifying notes, and describing how we sit at the piano.  We also had to play our little tune we made up ourselves.  This all went well!

The written portion of the test was not bad either.  I feel like I aced the test.  The extra credit portion which was a timeline with names of periods, dates, and composers for the last four categories, well, I think I mixed up composers for the different periods.

After the written test, we were free to leave.  As I turned in my test I stopped to talk to our instructor to let her know that tomorrow I will finally have a tuned piano here at home.  That will be nice to have it tuned up and ready to play.

Before leaving, I did also practice scales a few times that we will need to use in class on Wednesday.  Overall, I feel satisfied with how I did on the test.  We will see on Wednesday how it turns out and how I did on the extra credit.

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