Saturday, February 27, 2016

Connected to Companies via Social Media and Those That Never Respond

So many examples of companies being connected on social media. A few that show up in my timeline are mentioned here. These are only recent replies as there are many other companies that have responded to various tweets throughout the years.

Social Media Examples of Interactions with Companies

It is always fun when a company responds to a posted tweet about their business... good or bad! It helps to make connections. This post was tweeted on February 24 on my way back from Tulsa, Oklahoma when I stopped in Bartlesville, Oklahoma at Taco Bueno. Using Swarm to track locations I visit, usually when traveling, this has happened in the past too with a company companies responding or commenting thanking me for stopping by their establishment.

It is almost so common these days with companies watching FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. traffic, that it is almost shocking if a post is directed at a company and they do not respond. I have gotten to the point where if I am unhappy with a company, I will often times go to Twitter to send them a tweet about my problem. The majority of the time, I get a response from them within a matter of minutes apologizing, asking more information, or thanking me for the comment/visit. Again, if I do not get a response, that is almost never happens. Even with small store fronts, it seems like even they have some type of social media presence.

Many companies have employees hired just to watch for social media comments. Some use automated responses to thank people for their comments. The great sites have real people following and tracking comments and responding to those comments. Both have been experienced and obviously the real person on the other end with answers to questions or comments works best!

Other well connected companies include Dish and Cox Communications both of which are extremely fast at not only responding, but often times resolving issues directly through a tweet or a direct message if needed.

Company is Not Connected

Having a company that is not connected can be frustrating for a customer. Especially if they give the impression of being connected. Send them a message (FaceBook, tweet, etc.) and get no response back at all. Check their history and see that no one has responded to anything that has been sent to them. Very frustrating! Luckily, this has not been a problem I have encountered too often. Or, when it has happened, it has been a local establishment that has a Twitter presence, but has stopped updating/responding to tweets. Might as well delete the account and not entice posts to the account.

Options of course then fall to calling or sending a letter. Yeah, who sends letters any more? So, basically if the company does not have a web presence of some kind and linked to social media, there will likely be no follow up with that company again. If it was something that was perplexing enough to cause me to want to contact them, then maybe their not having a presence will be enough to not want to visit their establishment or use their service again.

The Trend for Social

The pulse for what is the hot item for social connections is constantly discussed on various blogs and articles. There is information that younger adults have moved away from FaceBook and Twitter going to other social mediums that is connected directly with others their age such as SnapChat. It is obvious that for the past few years, companies have focused their social communication to FaceBook or Twitter. Just about every major company has some type of social media presence and usually it is either FaceBook or Twitter. With the younger generation not focusing, or using, these services as much, it will be interesting to see where companies go to get and receive that connection with their customers in the future.


Share your comments about companies you enjoy communicating with or connecting with on-line. Share frustrations that you have had when trying to connect with a company and what did you do to get your frustration heard by that company? Feel free to send me a tweet with your question or comment too.


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