Monday, November 01, 2010

November Update...

It is hard to believe that yet another year is about to come to a end.
Here is already November 1. Thanksgiving is only weeks away and the end
of the year is right on the coat tails. Wow!

I managed to play a lot of golf this past Summer. I got in about
seventeen rounds and that does not include the other golf played in
scrambles. My elbow (or wrist) did not hurt as bad this year when
playing, but I still did have problems with my right wrist. It did not
cause me to not play this year, but it did hurt enough where it caused
soreness between holes. Oh well, I still had fun and hopefully improved
my game some from the year before.

Kansas football has not been fun to watch at all this year! Bad loses
on a number of instances, but probably the worst one so far was at home
against K-State. Ouch! That was painful to watch and we watched the
whole thing from the comfort of a friends house... I wish we would have
turned away and watched something else, but I just could not look away
from the message. It will be interesting to see if Turner Gil is around
next season or if he will be forced off of the campus. People are
already calling for his head and granted it is his first season and it
has been bad, but can you really force him out after only his first
season? Hmmmm....

Kansas basketball starts up tomorrow night in exhibition against
Washburn. It will be fun to be watching Kansas basketball again and
they are pre-season number seven. Kansas State basketball is pre-season
3. It is going to be a fun battle against all the Big 12 schools.

Other than those few things, there is not a lot happening. I am looking
forward to eating turkey and spending time with family.

Have a great November until next time!

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