Saturday, October 02, 2010

Geez.... I am No Good!

Well, I am no good at keeping a blog. I try to make reminders for myself. I set it as my home page, but I always end up finding other things to do rather than post on my blog. For that, I am sorry!

Geez, the last time I posted anything was the last faculty/staff golf tourney for Washburn. Well, the Fall faculty/staff golf tourney is just around the corner and here I am posting again. I got a lot of rounds of golf in this Summer (16 recorded). I had some good rounds and the best score of my golf life with a 99 back in June. Obviously, still very inconsistent in that after that 99 in June, I went right back up to scoring right around 100 - 112. Pitiful!

While I am not very good at golf, I do have a lot of fun playing!

I was nominated for the Washburn Alumni Association Board of Directors earlier this year. I went to my first board meeting back in late July. The meeting was in Newton, KS and I even got some golf in that weekend too there in Newton. I think this is going to be a fun experience and definitely something to add to the old resume.

Football season is of course in full swing. The Washburn Ichabods are not doing very well this year after it was predicted pre season they would be contending at the top. They are struggling with a record of 1 - 3. Carrie and I went to the first game of the season out in Colorado where the Ichabods barely escaped (see story and blog from Carrie). We had a great time in Colorado, but the Ichabods did not look very good! Lots of interceptions and stupid mistakes. I said then that it was going to be a long season. Woh!

With it being so long, I have not mentioned or discussed so many things that happened over the Summer. What a fast Summer it was! Wow! If it is like this now at 38, what is it going to be like when I am 70? The Summer months flew! Well, read about our other trip in Carries' blog.

Well, that is all for now. KU just lost badly to Baylor (55 - 7) in their opening Big 12 play. I think I am going to watch some television and see if I can get the television in our bedroom to work correctly after a new cable was pulled outside for it.

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