Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday and Other Ramblings

It has been a great weekend! Javier and I worked in the yard most of Saturday afternoon.... finally! I mowed and he did the leaves. He would move the leaves out to the middle of the lawn and while I mowed, I picked them up. It worked out great! We worked for about 4 or 5 hours through the afternoon. Meanwhile, Carrie was a bake'n fool!

She made all kinds of goodies. Cakes, two different types of cookies, and marshmallows. You heard me right, she made marshmallows. Woh! They are really good! All in preparation of Easter Sunday.

Before we get to Easter Sunday, I have to take a moment to talk about the Final Four games from Saturday. The first game, Butler vs Michigan State, well, as I have stated previously, I have not really given a thought to who the champion should win since Kansas got knocked out, but now that Butler beat MSU, I am pulling for Butler. The second game had Duke playing Western Virginia. A game I really did not care about, but if I had a choice of the winner, I would have taken West Virginia. Nope, Duke ended up winning, so it will be Butler vs. Duke. I went into the Final Four not caring who would win, but now it is Butler all the way! I do not want Duke to win a national championship. I am hoping for a huge Butler win and knock out the Duke Blue Devils. Go Butler!

Sunday has been great! We met Carries' parents at the club for brunch. Kerrice and Greg did not make it as Kerrice was not feeling well (food poisoning), but we all had a nice time. We missed seeing Kerrice and Greg. The food was really good! I called and I spoke to my parents who I thought was having everyone up for Easter. They ended up not hearing from anyone, so decided to simply do Easter "pizza night". If I would have known, I would have invited them to Topeka for brunch. Darn!

After brunch, Carrie, Javier, and I all went driving around Topeka. We drove out to see Javier's house that he is currently renting and then we drove all over. Javier is looking for a new house, so we drove through various neighborhoods looking at what was for sale. We drove around for about an hour before heading home. Very relaxing... Now I am sitting outside on the front porch reading blogs and posting on my own blog. We are cooking out later and Brenda is coming over. What a great Easter Sunday!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Easter! The NCAA title game is on tomorrow night and of course today marks the start of baseball season! Hopefully the Royals show up this year and kick some butt!

Until next time, have a great day!

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