Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday Night Woes for Kansas... Huge Win for Kansas State!

What a game! Well, at least for Kansas State it was a hell of a game. They did exactly what they need to do in order to take care of business and put away the 20-0 Kansas Jayhawks. Beasley and Walker did what they need to do with not getting into foul trouble and finished off KU for the first time at home in 24 straight at home in Manhattan. Michael Beasley got one part right with stating:
"We're going to beat Kansas at home! We're going to beat them in their house! We're going to beat them in Africa!"
Well, at least the first right so far. It is too early to tell about the second part. Bill Walker simply stated straight and to the point that
I'll predict it.
I'm not scared to say it.
I'm a man. I can live up to my words.
I'm saying we'll beat'em both places.
Well, so far they have lived up to those statements in the first game located in Manhattan. Beasley and Walker combined for 47 points.
The Jayhawks never got into sync in this game and K-State was definitely pumped up for this game. I certainly thought they would be and had a discussion with KSU fans at work about this game. For some reason the KSU fans I spoke to did not think that this was a big game for KSU. Well, tell that to the fans in Manhattan that stormed the court and reacted like they had just won the national championship. When I told the KSU fans that I thought it was the best chance to beat the Jayhawks they came back with the fact that KSU beat KU two years ago. They thought that Walker and Beasley would both be in foul trouble and it would be a lose. Wrong! Beasley did not get his first foul until well into the second half. K-State put on a game all the way around. The only spot that did not shine for KSU was their foul shooting.
Kansas State moves to 5 - 0 while Kansas goes to 5 - 1 in the Big Twelve. It is going to be a lot of fun in February and lets not forget March or the first part of April. Geez, before we know it we are going to be in the midst of March Madness and the Final Four will be here.
Good game tonight Cats! We will see you again in Lawrence on March 1 at 8 pm.

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