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Saying Goodbye to the Dodge: Memories of a Family Truck

Dad's 1997 Dodge Dakota Truck Leaving Lawrence
1997 Dodge Dakota Truck Donation

Dad passed on December 30, 2014 (see Remembering) and we have had his truck since he passed. The 1997 Dodge Dakota truck mainly sat in the driveway at my parents house. Every now and again Betsy, or Mom, would start the truck to drive around the block or run it for a few minutes. Most of the time though the past few years, it would not start at all. It was time to let the truck go and put the parts to better use.

Repair Work on Dodge Dakota Truck
Repair Work on Truck
I have so many memories of the truck. It is hard to believe my Dad bought that truck in 1997. He was never a big fan of the truck as I recall through the years. It would wear the front tires down bald quickly and I am not sure how many times he had to replace the tires faster than he thought should be necessary. There were other things about the truck he was not happy about, but he kept it and did his own repairs on the truck to keep it going. 

We used the truck for working at the cabin loading the tractor in the back, hauling rock, or hauling things to or from the cabin at Lone Star Lake. The truck was his primary mode of transportation as he had Mom driving the Accord. When Dad would go somewhere, he was usually in the truck. 

I remember driving the truck with the boat hitched to Clinton Lake with friends. Or, taking the boat to the shed where we kept the boat at rental properties. Tim and I would say how nice it would be to have a lift at the dock, but Dad wanted to keep it in the shed.

We were able to donate the truck to Washburn Tech. I believe the truck is too old for recycled rides that Washburn Tech does, but they can use it for instruction, parts, or scrap. If you have an old car you are looking to part ways with, I would suggest you reach out to Recycled Rides with Washburn Tech

The truck served us for many years and held good memories. Thanks to my sister, Betsy, for the pictures included in this post. I know it was a sad day for Mom and Betsy as they watched the truck be loaded up and hauled off, but I think it is best that it is no longer rusting in the drive.

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