Sunday, July 30, 2023

Made Our First Pizza and Cooked on the Big Green Egg... It was a success!

Pizza on the Big Green Egg -- First Time
Pizza on Big Green Egg

I have been wanting to do homemade pizza on the Big Green Egg for a few years. We finally did our first pizza tonight and it turned out nicely. Carrie and I were nervous about doing our own pizza, but it was easy. The crust turned out well with some crunch and we both think we could have topped it with more cheese than what we did. The crust is store bought dough that we bought at Dillon's. We worked it out to fit a pizza pan and then added our toppings. Toppings included pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, and cheese.

The grill was set for indirect with the grill insert to raise the pie high in the dome. I got to a temp of 450 degrees and kept it there throughout. It only took about ten minutes to cook. Halfway through and I could smell the pizza cooking. I was able to look in through the vent and I could see the cheese melting. What a good sight!

Finished Pizza from the Big Green Egg
Finished Pizza from Big Green Egg

The taste was good although we have some things to change. One video I watched while preparing for our first time making our own pizza said that pizza making is a evolving process where we will learn new techniques and try new processes. The crust was good and a little crunchy. It was a little salty which could have been from the sauce, mushrooms, or possibly the crust. Even with the salty taste, it was a good first attempt. We have leftovers we can eat tomorrow for lunch.

Now that we have done our first pizza on the Big Green Egg, I am excited to try different toppings and processes. We will use the dough again for a future cook although Carrie thinks we could get two crusts out of the dough which we might try the next time. 

Until next time, have a great week...

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