Sunday, May 07, 2023

Hammock Time, Coffee, Reading, Yard Work, and Preparing for a Busy Week. How Was your Weekend?

Carrie Enjoying Hammock Tuesday Evening
Carrie in the Hammock

What wonderful weather we have had the past few weeks. Carrie has spent most evenings in our hammock with the nice weather. Oliver is usually close by or in the hammock with her. The picture to the right was taken Tuesday evening with a wonderful evening after we had been out to eat that evening, we got home, and Carrie went straight for the hammock. 

We did see the temperatures increase from 70's up to mid-90's on Saturday and Sunday. I mowed the last Sunday morning before it got too hot, but it will still pretty warm. 

Oliver and Carrie Outside of Salut
Oliver and Carrie Outside Salut

Thursday night, we went to an awards ceremony for Carrie's work where they awarded medals to Bonner graduates. It was a fun evening to hear from Bonner graduates. After it was done, we went to Salut to have a drink on their patio. We took Oliver as he had been home all by himself for most of the day. He had so much fun sitting on the patio as people were leaving and arriving to Salut, they would ask if they could pet him, and he went crazy. He loves attention especially when it is from someone other than Carrie and I. Between guests arriving/leaving, he would look through the window at the people inside with a look on his face as though he did not understand why they were not outside seeing him or he was not inside with them. Funny guy!

Coffee, Breakfast, and Reading at Circle Coffee
Coffee and Reading at Circle Coffee
Saturday was a low key day for us with some errands in the morning and breakfast, coffee, and reading at Circle Coffee. We love it at Circle Coffee and spent almost two hours there drinking coffee, reading, and chatting.  It was a good day doing some housework when we got home in the afternoon. We grilled pork steaks along with some Brussels sprouts that we did all on the grill. Turned out great! We decided to have our bottle of wine we bought while in Miami the day we returned from our cruise. Wonderful evening hanging out and enjoying. Even though it was warm, it was not bad sitting outside as we grilled.

I mentioned I mowed this morning and spending the afternoon preparing for the week. Looking forward to a busy week and I will catch up with you next week.

Have a great week!


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