Sunday, September 04, 2022

First Game of Season for Washburn was Thursday, September 1 and We Had a Blast!

Flyover at Washburn First Game of the Season
Flyover at Washburn

Washburn football started their season Thursday and we had a flyover. Low and slow the planes flew which was very cool! I believe they did this last year too. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Erin, she snapped some pictures before they flew away.

A beautiful night opened up the season with tailgating and football at Yager Stadium. Bright and sunny where it was actually very warm when in the sun, but a perfect night for football. Washburn was set to play Lincoln and won the game 45 - 3. In case you were wondering, Washburn won last year against Lincoln 76 - 12. 

Washburn Stadium at Sunset
Washburn at Sunset

I neglected to take any pictures Thursday night, but thankfully Erin got some pictures and then Carrie took this one of the sun setting on the clouds over the field. Beautiful! 

We picked up Subway for dinner along with some chips we picked up from the store. Tried to be healthy and not eat like a typical tailgate. I did have some beers, but kept it to Michelob Ultra and only a few of them, so I did pretty well overall with eating.

It was great to see so many friends and people out at the stadium. Carrie and I bought a parking spot this year, so we were able to try it out for the first time Thursday night. Worked out great and it means I do not have to run off to get the car as the game is winding down to pack up. Nice a close and worked out great! We have requested if another spot opens up in front of where we tailgate that we be moved, so I am on a list to be moved once a spot opens up for us.

Erin, Greg, Joan, and Eddie all came out to watch the first game of the season. What a great night! As the fourth quarter was coming to an end, I see my friend Matt walking up to join us. I had wondered if I would see him out at the game, so it was good to see him and chat with him for a while. 

Our next door “neighbor” for tailgating, Jonny, did not make it to this game. I did not figure he would as he lives outside of Topeka, but I chatted with him via text. Hopefully we will see him at the next home game.

Washburn plays next on Thursday, September 8 at Warrensburg, MO. I will be watching that game on-line and cheering on the Bods. We play our next home game on Saturday, September 17 which happens to also be Family Day.

Be sure to catch some of the other sports that are happening for Washburn. We are planning to go to the volleyball game on Friday, September 9. Always a good time!

Go Bods!

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