Sunday, September 11, 2022

Stats for August Working Out About Same as July Stats

Monthly Stats from August 2022

The month of August was busy. The return of students to campus the later part of the semester and the first part of the month we had returned from being on vacation the last part of July. Although I did manage to get two works outs that first week of August, the second week I did not get but one into the week. I got things back in order the third week and fourth week. No changes from the number of workouts I did from July, so that was good. I slacked a lot for the month though as I look back at August, so I have room to improve as I look at September.

Although I had been saying I had wanted to get running into my routine, it did not occur during the month of August. Still, I keep the plan alive to start running to my exercise routine. We did start Weight Watchers on August 5, so that felt good. Even though we started on August 5, I did go about another week before I started working out regularly. It felt good to get back on the bike after a week of being away.

Individual stats from August had my down a bit from minutes worked out. Miles traveled were down too as you would expect with minutes being down. No change in total number of workouts as indicated previously. Then total calories was also down a lot from the prior month. 

I feel good as I look back on overall workout from August. Yes, I could have done more, but I think it was good considering a busy month and the motivation was lacking for at least a week there toward the beginning of the month.

I am always looking for ways to improve exercise process. Whatever I can do to increase motivation, work out more, and make the process interesting is what I am looking to do as I go month-to-month. True, some days I do not feel like getting on a the bike at all. I have to motivate myself just to get on the bike, but I usually feel much better after I do the bike even when I do not want to do so.

So far I am enjoying the process and I keep going back to get on the bike even when I do not feel like doing so. If I can keep it going and make it a part of my week as a routine, I will keep getting on the bike and enjoying the process.

For now, I will continue to ride and enjoy the process even on those days I do not feel like riding. Until next week, have a great week and may you keep the momentum to keep riding, running, or doing what you do.

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