Sunday, January 22, 2017

Whole30 Halfway Through the Program

PIcture of Whole30 Chalkboard with Day Fifteen Marked Off

We are halfway done with the #Whole30. Today marks the fifteenth day of the program. I am really enjoying this process. Again, it helps that Carrie is a great cook (more on that later with some of my favorites) and it also helps that we are both doing the program together.

I will not go into how much weight we have lost, but I will say we are both pleased with the amount of weight loss. I thought I would have lost more than I have, but happy with what has happened so far. The last time (about 15 years ago) when I did not drink beer, or any alcohol, for a month, I dropped weight quickly. I guess being older means I do not drop the weight as fast. Plus, my eye site is going, I have pains, and can barely bend over to tie my shoes... Again, that can be another post. This one is about how well our #Whole30 program is going.

Last week I started working out. I worked out twice last week. Both times I was really sore following the workout. In fact, I am still sore today and I worked out last Thursday. I had planned to work out Saturday or today, but got busy with house work and did not get to the gym. My planned days for workouts will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday.

As far as eating goes each week, I do not feel hungry. Getting enough food at breakfast (which I am now eating on this program), lunch, and dinner. Sometimes after getting home from work, I will be hungry before dinner, so we have a split apple or nuts to tide us over. Really though, the #Whole30 program prefer we not eat snacks between meals. We are trying to abide by that rule.

I am still very happy with the process. I feel great! I feel like I have more energy even after fifteen days after the program started. No complaints with the program. I am planning to read the book too. Carrie has the book, but I prefer to read an eBook, so waiting for it to become available at the library. We plan to do this process two more times before June.

Now, to share some of my favorite dishes we have had this past week.

A photo posted by CarrieloulouEats (@whole30loulou) on

A photo posted by CarrieloulouEats (@whole30loulou) on

A photo posted by CarrieloulouEats (@whole30loulou) on

A photo posted by CarrieloulouEats (@whole30loulou) on

A photo posted by CarrieloulouEats (@whole30loulou) on

Fifteen more days to go. Looking forward to what we eat and the journey to get to the end. Then a small break and start it up again. I do not think we have discussed when the #Whole30 will start again, but I know it will be soon.

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