Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day Two of NCAA Tournament: Major Upsets and Questioning Big 12 Conference

The second day of the NCAA tournament was not disappointing in terms of major upsets and drama. Ten double digit seeds won in the first round which is a new tournament record.

Immediately following the Texas loss and the debate about the Big 12 conference started in various social media platforms. The Big 12 entered the NCAA tournament with seven teams and we now have three remaining to advance to the second round.  Iowa State, Oklahoma, and Kansas are the only three teams to advance from the power house Big 12 conference. The debate being that maybe the Big 12 was not that "powerful" as the experts said.

This is the NCAA tournament and it is March Madness. It has that name for a reason and the ten upsets today are why this time has that name. Whether or not the Big 12 Conference was the dominant conference throughout the year or not is a moot. To win games and advance in the post season not only takes talent, but it also takes luck. If Paul Jespersen of Northern Iowa would have been a second later with his half course release or been off by just a touch, we would be talking about overtime game instead of the game winner.  Or, if Cincinnati would have been just a second faster dunking the ball, they would have won to beat Saint Joseph. Instead, Saint Joseph won and moves on to the second round. It takes talent certainly to get to this point, but it also takes luck.

We move on to the second round Saturday starting with Wichita State tip off at 11:10 am CST. We know that the field will continue to dwindle and we can only hope that our team is left at the end of the madness. With a bit of luck, skill, and poise and it just might happen.

Enjoy the Saturday games and enjoy the "March" Madness!

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