Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Week 1 Day 2 Update... The Weigh-in

One thing I forgot to mention in my update yesterday was that I am going to weigh myself each day. Now, there might be some days that I am unable to weigh-in which would be if I am traveling, but for the most part I plan to record my weigh each day. Well, I did so this morning and tracked it on MyFitnessPal. Nothing like being on the second day and already gaining a pound. OK, I know that is not a huge problem as it is only my second day, but I was hoping to at least stay at the same weight.

So, total weight loss from the time I started last March is now 8 lbs. It is tough to begin a workout and see the weight increase, but I am not too surprised. My body is probably in shock that I did not eat as much yesterday and that I actually exercised. My target calorie count each day is 1920. Of course when I exercise, that is adjusted and more calories are allowed. Still, I am sure my body is going into shock with the new changes. I know my side was killing me at the end of my mild jog last night which it had not done since I started running back in March.

That is all for now, but I wanted to post a update while I was thinking about it. I thought about it while getting ready for work this morning and decided I better post it. Need to get this thing going on the best start I can and keep the posts going too.

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