Friday, January 06, 2012

Brief Update on First Week

It has not been a week yet, but I am feeling pretty good with how things are going thus far. As I would expect, my weight went up/down a few times over the course of the week as my body adjusts to less food and no alcohol. While says I have lost 10 lbs, it is more like just three lbs. I mentioned before that I did not reset it went I started this again on January 2. So, the 10 lb weight loss goes back to when this whole thing started back in March 2011.

Still, I am happy that weight is starting to come off. I also understand that the weight being lost right now is water weight. As I get deeper into my work out routine, I will being sweating more and that will help to drop the weight. The early part of Couch to 5K is not my favorite part, but it is getting me into shape so I can run longer distances.

Last night we went to Dicks Sporting Goods to look at weights. I have a weight set picked out that I would like to buy. Dumbbells and then a bar to use too. All for about $150, so I think I am going to get it. Do a little more than just workout, but also work on the body some too.

Everyone have a great weekend and I will post something this weekend with an update.

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