Saturday, September 13, 2008

Long Time No Post

Well, I am back and I am going to try and post on a regular basis again. I know, you have heard this before, but this time it is true. It is so easy to fall out of the habit of writing, but it is fun and helps me to remember what happened on certain days. Kind of like a journal if you will.

Well, lets see what has been happening.... The Royals have managed to fall completely out of anything they had going. Frustrating to be a fan and follow this team. Still, I follow their games, watch their games, and hope for something to change. You might wonder if I am still excited about the new manager and my answer is still yes. Give it some time and I think he will do good things for KC.

I have been playing a lot of golf over the Summer. Carrie and I are members of the Shawnee Country Club and we are having a lot of fun there. I have played a little over 20 rounds of golf so far this Summer. I was hoping to get to at least 30 for the Summer, but with all of the rain we have been getting lately that might be a little difficult. Not to mention that it is getting colder and colder which seems earlier than normal. I hope to be able to play some during the winter months too.

What a season Kansas had last year in football and basketball. Wow! The football season is underway. KU played last night and lost to another ranked team. It was tough, but KU looked good in all except the third quarter. They were out scored in the 3rd 33 - 0. Wow! They did manage to tie up the game and had a chance for a win, but things did not go that way. Unlike my friends (i.e. Mr. Black) I think that KU will have a great season and they will continue to be fun to watch for seasons to come.

Well, that is all for now. I hope everyone is doing well. Go KU and go Chiefs!

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